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The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
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(all Jordan)
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The Sound of Jordan 2019   playlist
1Hammo Beka "انا حبيتك وجرحتينى"1009
2Figo Eld5lawe "Handrb Nawawi"824
3Nassif Zeytoun "Azmit Si'a - Al Hayba Al Hassad"729
4Ali Samara "مهرجان عايم فى بحر الغدر"609
5Sherine "يا بتفكر يا بتحس"511
6Hassan Shakosh "Mahragan Ana Alby Dab"508
7Hazem Al Sadeer "Betwale3 Nar"482
8Saif Nabeel "Hebni Bejnon"479
9Adham Nabulsi "Hada Ma Byentasa"477
10Dyler "Ressala"468
11Mohamed Ramadan "مافيا"450
12Hamo Bika "Shaklatony Fy Bahr Bera"444
13Ayman Amin "Ossa Kbire"406
14Joseph Attieh "Lahza"388
15Moody Nassar "Ah Ya Hanan"356
16Wael Kfoury "Wlad El Haram"351
17Melhem Zein "من مدة"325
18Hussein El Deek "Kelmi Aatini"324
19Saad Lamjarred "Ensay"322
20Yara "Shou Bado"312
21Eyad Tannous "Isshak Tiida"287
22Aziz Maraka "Mafi Mennik"276
23بو خطيف "اخر ما سوى"271
24Adam "Taa"254
25Ziad Bourji "Khserna Baad"252
26Ramy Ayach "قصة حب - نسخة شرقي"250
27Saif Amer "Warqa"246
28Salim Assaf "Hala Hala"246
29Ragheb Alama "Sodfi"243
30Mohamed Hamaki "Mel Bedaya"236
31Oka Wi Ortega "نوزهى"233
32Sultan El Omani "Maly Gherak"222
33George Wassouf "Seket El Kalam"217
34Fadel Chaker "Habetak"191
35Mahmoud Al Turki "Dommeny Dommeny"181
36Amr Diab "Bahebo"179
37Ali Arnoos "نساني"171
38Anas Kareem "Bahebak Mn Baad Allah"165
39Hussain Al Jassmi "Very Important"161
40Oras Sattar "Al Karetheyah"153
41Hadi Aswad "Weinak"151
42Ali Saber "Alahh Esahilak"147
43Cairokee "Kan Lak Ma'aya (Feat. Umm Kulthum)"134
44Nancy Ajram "LYA"124
45Majid al-Muhandis "Ya Layaly"109
46Mohamed El Sharnouby "Heta Men El Khayal"109
47Mohamed AlSalim "Bye Bye"107
48Tamer Ashour "Ayam"93
49Bader AlShuaibi "متعبة كل الناس"87
50Ahmed Kamel "Mabatsh Akhaf"77
51Mohammad Assaf "بصراحة"74

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