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(all Ireland)
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The Sound of Ireland 2019   playlist
1Versatile "Prefontaine"6700
2The 2 Johnnies "Sinéad"5586
3Wild Youth "Long Time No See"4651
4The Coronas "Find the Water"4192
5Picture This "Hurt Nobody"4095
6Chasing Abbey "Phase 10"3358
7Marty Guilfoyle "Me & U"2970
8Hermitage Green "Dreams"2652
9Michael Maloney "What Do You Want to Know"2473
10Cal X Pepper "Covers"2428
11KNEECAP "H.O.O.D"2384
12Dermot Kennedy "Rome"1882
13Dubzeno "What I Do"1862
14Kojaque "Flu Shot"1776
15Aimée "Don't Bother"1730
16Welshy "Trying To Reach You"1671
17Le Boom "Be There for You"1602
18Mango X MathMan "No Surrender F.M."1591
19Lisa McHugh "Country Mile"1571
20Johnny Brady "Hillbilly Rock"1501
21Little Hours "Dream, Girl - Marty Guilfoyle Remix"1452
22Gerry Cinnamon "Canter"1427
23Christy Moore "Spancilhill"1399
24Soulé "Love Tonight"1325
25JugJug "Ten Toes"1323
26Somebody's Child "Toes"1300
27Mick Flannery "Wasteland"1263
28Walking On Cars "When We Were Kids"1243
29Mark McCabe "Winter Song"1214
30Tim Chadwick "I Need to Know"1191
31LYRA "Falling"1175
32Mick Konstantin "From Osaka up to Tokyo (Irish Rugby Song)"1174
33Junior Brother "The Back Of Her"1140
34Sean and Conor Price "Storm"1134
35Brave Giant "Decorate Your Mind"1128
36Ac-130 "Exotic Finish (feat. Prod.LukeFly)"1125
37Chuks "Barbies"1121
38SIIGHTS "Broke It With Me (Konmak x Marty Remix)"1093
39David Keenan "Evidence of Living"1074
40Brian Deady "Down in the Disco"1072
41a lazarus soul "Black & Amber"1042
42KETTAMA "Eastside Avenue"977
43Claudia Buckley "Diane"960
44Vanchi Ferrari "Best Friend"958
45All Tvvins "Build a Bridge"954
46Hudson Taylor "Back to You"954
47Derek Ryan "Irish Medley"951
48TPM "Fuck RTÉ"945
49Colmans Stand Together "Lean On Me"940
50Moncrieff "Like I Do"932
51DJ Eugene McCauley "De Sunday Game"910
52Thanks Brother "Fuck My Life (FML)"898
53Powpig "Pretty Woman (Powpig)"863
54Jafaris "Time"854
55RAYE "Love Me Again (with Jess Glynne)"848
56Kean Kavanagh "Miracle"825
57ELM "Paris"824
58The Academic "AFTERTASTE"811
59Reggie "Work"808
60Soda Blonde "Terrible Hands"801
61Daithí "Submarines"786
62The Scratch "Foolin' Noone"773
63The Gloaming "Áthas"773
64Cubez "Fix My Ring"772
65Mike Denver "The Craic Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man"755
66Rebūke "Along Came Polly - Original Mix"754
67CLiQ "Dance on the Table"754
68INK "Bad Intentions"744
69Ryan McMullan "Streets of New York - Live"736
70Nathan Carter "Gone Girls"709
71Lankum "The Young People"705
72Dusky "Staunch - KETTAMA Remix"703
73Westlife "Hello My Love"691
74Tebi Rex "I Never Got Off The Bus"688
75Sibéal "Human - Live At Abbey Road Studios"684
76Barry Kirwan "Young Again"681
77Stormzy "Crown"675
78YZ "Confessions"674
79FONTAINES D.C. "Dublin City Sky"672
80Hazey Haze "What's That"659
81Joel Corry "Sorry"659
82The Mary Wallopers "Cod Liver Oil & The Orange Juice"658
83Endor "Pump It Up"657
84Robert Mizzell "The Farmer"644
85Eoin Thomas "The Drive for 5"629
86JaffaMan 04 "Yurt"619
87AJ Tracey "Ladbroke Grove"615
88Malaki "46a"608
89Aitch "Taste (Make It Shake)"595
90Ye Vagabonds "Bacach Shíol Andaí"593
91LadBaby "We Built This City"591
92MC Pat Flynn "Love Inside"589
93Becky Hill "I Could Get Used To This (with WEISS)"587
94Young T & Bugsey "Strike a Pose (feat. Aitch)"575
95Larry Alabi "Go Getter"572
96Lewis Capaldi "Hollywood"570
97Dave "Professor X"569
98Una Healy "Strangers"566
99Xpansions "Move Your Body (Elevation) - Rebūke Remix"554
100Jax Jones "This Is Real (ft. Ella Henderson)"553

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