2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
(all Hong Kong)
(all Hong Kong)
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The Sound of Hong Kong 2019   playlist
1湯瑪仕與眾香港人 "願榮光歸香港"7445
2Joyce Cheng "救命歌"7319
3Jill Vidal "幸福相擁"7308
4Juno Mak "情感的廢墟"7047
5Jason Chan "七折"7025
6JUDE "切膚之愛"7015
7JW "逃生門"6995
8Terence Lam "下一位前度"6948
9Mag Lam "失戀的人站起來"6943
10Charmaine Fong "望"6915
11Dear Jane "二十年後的歌 - 10th Anniversary Version"6812
12Feanna Wong "很久不見"6808
13陳卓賢 "另一個諾貝爾"6758
14Alfred Hui "我們與愛的距離"6734
15陳健安 "在錯誤的宇宙尋找愛"6708
16Phil Lam "重讀興趣班"6676
17Eman Lam "守破離"6633
18Stephanie Cheng "13樓的大笨象"6591
19Hins Cheung "感情寄生族"6571
20AGA "Tonight"6556
21Kay Tse "偷情的禮儀"6556
22Supper Moment "尋回一碗湯 (2019)"6553
23Endy Chow "逃生門 (feat. 王灝兒) - 門外版"6478
24Kaho Hung "十號儲物櫃"6478
25Jay Fung "山旮旯"6456
26Joey Yung "一種永遠"6452
27Janice Vidal "又~離家出走"6450
28Justin Lo "完全變態"6432
29Chilam "不浪漫罪名"6327
30Shiga Lin "過路人"6323
31Kwan Gor "和懷念講再見"6310
32per se "慶祝無意義"6270
33RubberBand "孤島人"6242
34Vincy Chan "花心"6228
35Leo Ku "亂世情侶 (合唱版)"6223
36Deep Ng "天下烏鴉"6198
37Jolie Chan "良品"6187
38專家Dickson "公開道歉"6150
39Cath Wong "寂靜的回聲"6066
40Panther Chan "當我迷失時聽著的歌"6041
41曾樂彤 "永恆少年"5980
42Ken Hung "數寄屋橋次郎"5958
43吳林峰 "下一束光"5957
44Maggie Fu "靜音模式"5899
45黎曉陽 "拾荒者之歌"5819
46Pakho Chau "烏托邦 - TVB劇集「再創世紀」主題曲"5808
47Stephanie Ho "我會想念他 - 劇集 “牛下女高音” 片尾曲"5792
48陳凱彤 "冷處理"5774
49Jinny Ng "暗中愛我 - 劇集 "福爾摩師奶" 主題曲"5712
50Sammi Cheng "我們都是這樣長大的"5693
51Jace Chan "講"5557
52鄒文正 "應不應該"5556
53香港人 "和你飛"5503
54JB "點解咁撚肥"5495
55Mr. "細說。叫喊"5423
56梁釗峰 "天知 - 劇集 "解決師” 主題曲"5422
57Anthony Wong "快樂到死 - ViuTV劇集《婚內情》主題曲"5401
58Dusty Bottle "You Don’t Know Me"5384
59LMF "二零一九"5330
60Robynn & Kendy "明陣"5270
61Tang Siu Hau "雲吞"5198
62Alan Ho "初生圓"5186
63Fred Cheung "完美情人"5162
64葉巧琳 "水舞間"5126
65Gigi Leung "再見灰姑娘"5117
66劉卓軒 Hinry Lau "遇怪魔我急於變大個 - Demo Version"5034
67HANA "心有不甘 - 劇集 “皓鑭傳” 主題曲"4984
68恆仔 "我們是無法說明的季節 (feat.廖子妤)[電視劇 "向西聞記 - 台北的港男港女" 主題曲]"4973
69Calvert Fu "怨憎會"4948
70Oscar Tao "Never Mind"4928
71Nicholas Tse "塑造 (feat. Jackson Wang 王嘉爾)"4924
72Lil’ Ashes "心之書"4922
73癲佬 dlo "自游 Be Water"4912
74ToNick "很想跳吧"4899
75Terence Siufay "哪懼牆攀不上 (《獅子山上》主題曲)"4851
76Adason Lo "星光"4799
77Kelvin Kwan "写真家"4794
78William So "All That Jazz"4762
79Shirley Kwan "叛逆漢子 - 2019 Version"4747
80Adrian Fu "愛放閃"4638
81Eason Chan "我們萬歲"4505
82蔡一傑 "獨行派對"4500
83Kayee Tam "有你多好 - 劇集 "好日子" 主題曲"4432
84陳楚生 "我在何地"4318
85The Low Mays "成吉思漢和 Genghis Khanwo"4226
86Hacken Lee "你是我的大明星 (feat. 杭蓋樂隊)"4135
87赖淞凤 "电光火石"4068
88Jan Lamb "努力奮鬥加油"3939
89Tyson Yoshi "Let Go"3908
90Fred Cheng "鐵石心腸 - 劇集 “鐵探” 主題曲"3894
91Kolor "初老"3881
92Miriam Yeung "嫁給愛情 - 劇集 "多功能老婆" 主題曲"3816
93Alan Tam "男人的浪漫"3796
94Matt Force "W.T.F.H.K."3765
95姜濤 "亞特蘭提斯"3654
96Nowhere Boys "致旅途中的我"3653
97Nichung "夜行"3612
98Ivana Wong "花花草草"3605
99Andy Lau "兄弟不懷疑 (《掃毒2天地對決》主題曲)"3521
100Error "我們不碎 (電視劇《娛樂風雲》片尾曲)"3493

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