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The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
zouk riddim
zouk riddim
rap antillais
musique guadeloupe
2019 in Zouk Riddim   playlist
1Drex "Si Manman'w té sav"5590
2Vj Ben "Ti KoKa"5472
3Young Chang MC "Komunom"5391
4Silverman "Telman dous'"5374
5Drexi "Hopopop"5373
6Dj JaÏro "ROMANTIK"5260
7Loy Sonjah "Kochi Tèt (Sensuelle comme d'habitude)"5128
8Mik L "Encore une fois"5083
9Were-vana "Fanm péyi"5032
10Keros-N "Miss doliprane"5004
11Pompis "Do It"4969
12Matieu White "Melissa"4953
13Stony "Monsieur"4891
14Döry "Trop pour moi"4863
15Krys "Boug an mwen"4836
16Paille "Man on fire"4816
17Kim "Mon tout"4816
18Stacy "Ton silence"4773
19T Kimp Gee "Lanmou eternel"4751
20Datcha Dollar'z "T'es à moi"4723
21Nicy "Humm humm"4664
22Oswald "Solo"4651
23Admiral T "Baimbridge cho"4588
24Taïja "Même si"4580
25Elowdy.C "Je partirais"4578
26K-Reen "Bad Women - Femmes fatales"4564
27SAÏK "J'deal de la vibe"4561
28Victor O "Lanmou etewnel"4545
29Mainy & Stephany "Bad Love"4465
30DJ Eladji "À contre sens"4460
31La Mafia "LMSK"4386
32Lyrrix "Yon 2 Boutèy"4378
33Kaf Malbar "Da poche - #AnFouPaMalStaya"4372
34Warped "Rip jaho"4330
35Nesly "Cannot buy me"4329
36pachou man "La danse qui va avec"4303
37Marvin "Galilée"4299
38Tiitof "Minuit pile"4298
39Priscillia "Mots d'amour"4291
40Bamby "Sugar Daddy"4286
41Meryl "WOLLAN"4276
42TIZEN "Abandonner"4259
43QLM Jolem Sanchez "La Maca Rena"4202
44Evil P "Henny"4197
45Goldn.B "Fight Ova Man"4195
46Barth "Entre nous"4179
47Junior "Kompaladie"4172
48Riddla "Bodé - La chanson des bons vivants"4126
49Brandon Palaxa "Kinlinlink"4120
50Don Snoop "Inédit II"4071
51Gifta "Unstoppable"4011
52PLL "Le secret"3988
53Debrouya "Debrouya robe"3988
54Didgis "Cendrier"3985
55Tykas "Pa kité mwen"3950
56Pon2mik "Dis moi oui"3947
57Lycinaïs Jean "Mayday"3906
58Marginal "Ombre"3906
59Dory "C'est mort - Femmes Fatales"3898
60T-Stone "Olala"3892
61LMSK Lamafia "Tann Mwen"3870
62Ken'zii Bwa "Kompa SHATTA"3862
63JmaX "One shot"3855
64Mister Ramsy "Tombé"3834
65Jordan M "Déposer Les Armes"3826
66Meguy Esaïe "Ultimatum"3816
67Foxy Myller "Asi block"3802
68Jahyanai "Sa to ka wè"3793
69S.A.M.O "Drôle d'état"3779
70Dj Jackson "Doudou an mwen - 2019"3778
71Shaka Zulu "E. Tee TV"3775
72Siig's "Stinger (Airport)"3772
73VJ Awax "Dream Team - Edit"3712
74DJ Fly "Day One Bae"3703
75Kai "Criminèl"3700
76Maiko "Si ou aime"3687
77Mr SM "Twap la"3665
78Ronald Bs "Syèl la maké gouyad"3664
79Blicassty "Destroy"3642
80Isnel "El Chapo"3630
81Black T "Étchatchawa"3626
82Nesty Di Lova "Padon ( Feat Axel Tony )"3612
83Ken Vybz "A Pa Anyin"3607
84E.sy Kennenga "NOU KA BAW SON"3599
85Shannon "Zatrap"3598
86Déric "En blok"3594
87Kevni "Belle île en mer"3590
88R Dydy "Magic Gouyad #3"3586
89Niko "Fix Dem"3575
90ALWIO "Sipoté mwen (Kompas)"3573
91Loco Murda "No Love"3548
92LS "Tout ce que tu es"3529
93Jahlys "Deal"3527
94X-Man "Light Up"3525
95Shaydee's "Bad Gyal Anthem"3486
96Sskyron "Aller au large"3477
97Q.L.M "Cleopatra"3443
98Nesty Dilova "Tout Donner"3442
99Wizdom "Dans mon main"3438
100Liljooe "Bon vent - Edit"3392

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