2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
(all Costa Rica)
(all Costa Rica)
rock tico
The Sound of Costa Rica 2019   playlist
1GIMARIO "Tomando"5481
2Toledo "Caribe"5014
3Sheko "Neblina"5009
4DJ Kendo "Want This"4917
5Tapa Mitchell "Ella"4875
6Magpie Jay "Skin of a Bear"4625
7Ghettox "Tu Arca"3955
8Dj Glad "Bubble & Whine"3390
9Crypy "Ruff & Tuff Cypher 2019"2673
10Cocofunka "Asturión"2621
11Rik "Dos Copas Remix"2489
12Sagga "Antifaz"2414
13Voodoo "Wales"2391
14Los Ajenos "Corazón Ajeno"2222
15Grupo Extra "A Traves del Vaso - Bachata Version"2127
16Vybz Kartel "In Stock - Raw"2075
17Picha "Chupar Culo Es Amargo"2034
18Soultwo "B.E.S.T.I.A"1870
19Estradda "SAI - Remix"1679
20Pas Music "Cerca Está Tu Amor"1518
21Fuego "Sobre las Olas"1452
22Patterns "Lo Que Me Das"1451
23Yaco "El Año Viejo 2019"1370
24Daniel Castro "Subiendo Como Espuma"1277
25Gandhi "Boicot"1255
26Jay Kendall "Acercate"1249
27Cehzar "Matalos"1156
28Sebas Guillem "You Are Loved"1085
29Sportdad "Staring at Him"1032
30Choliare "Quédate Ahí"987
31Blaiz Fayah "Well Again"956
32Alex Badilla "Saldremos De Aquí"707
33Ciudad en Lo Alto "Eso es amor"707
34Boza "En 4 Vente"651
35LATENIGHTJIGGY "Connection"633
36Señor Loop "Cuando Todo Está Bien"629
37Debi Nova "Quédate"561
38Baby Wally "Secreto"522
39Percance "Ya No Me Importa"513
40Sech "La Mesera"505
41Jhonatan Luna "La Culpa"455
42Jeudy García "Dosextraños"454
43Mr. Vegas "So High Remix (feat. BCA & LMK)"414
44BARBEL "Te Hace Daño"403
45Feid "Sígueme - Remix"380
46Farruko "Qué Hay de Malo - Reggae Version"358
47Beéle "Loco"357
48Ronald El Killa "Mi Debilidad"336
49Maffio "Celebration (feat. Ky-Mani Marley)"323
50Lucas Cliff "Y Que No y Que Tal"319
51Julio Melgar "Tus Cuerdas de Amor"319
52Charly Black "Happy Zone"288
53Kany Garcia "Quédate"278
54Jodi Couture "Backshot"275
55Christian Nodal "Que Te Olvide"270
56El Roockie "Mas Nah"265
57Busy Signal "Got To Tell You"264
58Redimi2 "Filipenses 1:6"253
59Koffee "Blazin (feat. Jane Macgizmo)"251
60Lo Blanquito "Me Botó"250
61Dalex "Sin Ti"245
62Afro B "Shape Nice"243
63Sebastian Yatra "En Guerra"240
64Juan Luis Guerra 4.40 "Kitipun"239
65Alex Campos "Soy Soldado"234
66Damian Marley "Reach Home Safe"230
67Luisa Fernanda W "Mi Regalo"230
68Jahyanai "Bruk It Off"225
69Jesús Adrián Romero "El Anhelo de Mi Voz"222
70Zona Ganjah "Lo importante"220
71Camilo "No Te Vayas"218
72Legarda "Nutella"211
73Don Omar "Ramayama"210
74Residente "Pecador"206
75Cultura Profética "Hasta la Noche (Ilegal) - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC"206
76Marc Anthony "Tu Vida en la Mía"206
77Hillsong Worship "En Tu Presencia"205
78Protoje "Not Another Word (feat. Agent Sasco)"204
79Natti Natasha "Soy Mia"203
80Piso 21 "Pa' Olvidarme De Ella"201
81Alkaline "With the Thing"201
82Collie Buddz "Bounce It (feat. Stonebwoy)"197
83Joan Sanchez "Llena Este Lugar"194
84HoodCelebrityy "Inside"194
85Romeo Santos "El Beso Que No Le Di"182
86Vicente Garcia "Ahí Ahí"179
87Mägo de Oz "La cantiga de las brujas"177
88Funky "Cambio de Plan"175
89Paulo Londra "Demasiado Loco"173
90RDX "Set Good"170
91Buju Banton "Bagga Mouth"170
92Mau y Ricky "La Boca"168
93Santiago Cruz "Cuando Regreses"166
94Ed Sheeran "I Don't Care (with Justin Bieber) - Chronixx & Koffee Remix"164
95Gyptian "Deh Yah"162
96Alex Zurdo "Doña Religión CMR3"162
97Andrés Cepeda "Déjame Ir"157
98Los Caliz "¿Quién de Los Dos?"155
99Aventura "Inmortal"153
100Micro Tdh "En El Hood"152

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