2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
(all Switzerland)
(all Switzerland)
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The Sound of Switzerland 2019   playlist
1Patent Ochsner "Für immer uf di"7409
2Lo & Leduc "Online"6192
3Kunz "L.I.E.B.I."6076
4Dabu Fantastic "Frisch Usem Ei"6051
5Nemo "5i uf de Uhr"5813
6Stubete Gäng "Göschene Airolo"5776
7Hecht "Besch ready für die Liebi vo mer?"5746
8Ritschi "Höcher u verrückter"5633
9Xen "Meh welle"4756
10ZID "Letschte Tanz"4682
11Marc Sway "Color"4349
12davey6000 "rockstar"4283
13Mimiks "A-Team (feat. LCone & Heezy Lee)"4216
14Les Touristes "Täg ohni Di"4129
15Outback "Herrliberg (Aus Der TV-Show «Songmates») (feat. Open Season)"3848
16Stereo Luchs "2Blaui"3744
17Nativ "Carbon"3653
18Jakko Bratko "Ade Madame"3217
19Pronto "Sorry"3178
20Gimma "Sanduhr"3131
21Freeze "Vo gheie und flüüge"3053
22Luuk "BBB"3025
23ESKIMO "Polaroidfoto"2962
24Aloe Blacc "Greatest Show On Earth"2783
25Globi "S'gross Abentüür fangt aa"2747
26LieVin "Drip Drop"2687
27Sherry-ou "Schön"2668
28COBEE "Kryptonit (feat. Nativ)"2651
29LCone "Sie Dreiht"2642
30Stress "Terre brûlée"2547
31Peter Reber "Fasch win es Gebät - Version 2019"2491
32DAWILL "Lah gah"2353
33Loco Escrito "Punto"2352
34Pedestrians "Breakdown Tuesdays"2340
35Landro "Zoned Out"2284
36S.M.D Music "Schlaflos"2239
37Marius Bear "My Crown"2208
38EMM "Sandkorn"2171
39Rixon "Kei Filme"2158
40Halunke "Ponyhof"2152
41Chekaa "Miami By Night"2118
42Mnevis "Cuboids"2092
43Griot "Ganz oder gar nid"2055
44C.mEE "D'Welt machts möglich"2038
45Stahlberger "Schäbikon"2023
46Seppli MC "Ehrenmaa - Radio Edit"1959
47Didi "Gift"1933
48Steff La Cheffe "Holunder"1923
49eliane "Run"1903
50Bastian Baker "Blame It On Me - Acoustic"1808
51Marash "Bareshat"1805
52Anna Rossinelli "Eyes Closed"1782
53Benjamin Amaru "Intro To Jack"1721
54Lina Button "Take Me Away"1690
55Rapide x Alawi "Wilde Weste"1673
56Luca Hänni "She Got Me - Karaoke Version"1656
57Sina "Wa nix meh fehlt"1609
58DAENS "home"1502
59Dope Kid "Spotlight"1483
60Les "Squadra"1482
61Inked Bone "Lauryn Hill"1451
62DJ Mico "Kuhbar-Song - Radio Edit"1334
63Rapide "Bluff"1319
64Hainan "Punks"1315
65Stefanie Heinzmann "All We Need Is Love"1295
66Murphy "Hollywood"1241
67Brandhärd "Mini Cliq"1220
68Gölä "Oh Wiehnachtszyt"1219
69Adrian Tacchi "Zimmer"1214
70Limmitt "Crackcity"1204
71Bligg "Legändä & Heldä - Unplugged"1194
72EAZ "Controlla"1190
73Stevans "Call Me a Liar - Radio Edit"1171
74Florian Ast "Sanggaue"1150
75Büssi "Scheiss Rege"1141
76Carrousel "Libres et débutants"1137
77QL "Es Kafi am Pischterand"1128
78Galaxus Xmas-Singers "#Wiehnachtshit"1122
79Ana Scent "Too Close - Single Version"1061
80Jamal "Suzuki"1036
81The Beach Hut Sessions "Streets"1035
82Black Sea Dahu "How You Swallowed your Anger"1033
83ZiBBZ "You and Me (Against the World) - Radio Edit"1022
84Tommy Vercetti "Mongolefläck (feat. Nativ)"1009
85Gil Glaze "How We Do"985
86Anna Känzig "A Million Years"952
87Spiegelbild "Augeblick"944
88Alawi "Karim Bellarabi"935
89Jeans for Jesus "2000&irgendwo"930
90Fäaschtbänkler "Wennduwie"924
91Linda Vogel "Relationship Statistics"917
92psycho'n'odds "Grey Goose"874
93Mozzik "Shqiptar"864
94I Don't Kero "Te Quiero"814
95Damian Lynn "Wait"803
96Pat Burgener "Wrong To Be Right"802
97Andryy "Geil"771
98Seb Lorez "Work It Out"765
99L Loko "Kollerwiese Vibes"763
100Ledri Vula "Rio"760

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