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The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
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(all Belgium)
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The Sound of Belgium 2019   playlist
1#LikeMe Cast "Porselein"7514
2Niels Destadsbader "Mee Naar Boven"7244
3Brihang "Steentje"6897
4Regi "Ordinary"6683
5IBE "Table Of Fools"5976
6Zwangere Guy "Wie Is Guy ?"5808
7Kommil Foo "Stilte Na De Storm - Live - Uit Liefde Voor Muziek"5789
8S!MA "SAUS"5676
9Metejoor "Blij Om Jou Te Zien"5644
10OT "Bad Boys"5054
11Bart Peeters "Kies Mij (feat. Pop-Up Koor)"5047
12Laura Tesoro "Thinking About You All The Time - Live"5010
13Clouseau "Tijdmachine"4845
14Gestapo Knallmuzik "Heel die Tag Pörno"4810
15Crew Cardinal "Wusyoname"4746
16Lea Rue "Watching You"4560
17Tourist LeMC "Ubuntu"4547
18Dana Winner "Mag Ik Je Nog Even"4453
19BOBBY "Hey Don't You Know"4398
20Isabelle A "2 Seconden"4134
21Het Zesde Metaal "Tid Van Ton"3863
22Milow "Sleeping Bag (Uit Liefde Voor Muziek) - Live"3829
23Tom Helsen "If"3691
24Gert Verhulst "Altijd"3562
25De Geest "Mijn Hart"3534
26Bazart "Maanlicht"3516
27Stef Kamil Carlens "La Mamadora - Live - uit Liefde voor Muziek"3359
28Chapter Two "Bad Liar - Acoustic"3308
29Ertebrekers "Shimokitazawa"3283
30blackwave. "never seen u"3154
31Rik Verheye "Trollenknots"3153
32Portland "Expectations"3145
33Jan Leyers "Mary Louise - Live - uit Liefde Voor Muziek"3090
34The Van Jets "Who Does?"3061
35Warhola "Look At Me"3020
36Compact Disk Dummies "Cry For Me"3001
37The Starlings "Mine"2971
38Billie "Always On The Run"2909
39Slongs "Wat je doet met mij (feat. Raymond Van Het Groenewoud)"2823
40Eduard Jumperdinky "Penspony - Radio Edit"2805
41Typh Barrow "Replace"2764
42Dorothee Vegas & Like Maarten "Viva De Romeo's - Remix"2755
43Lester Williams "That’s What Friends Are For - D5R Titeltrack"2747
44Kid Noize "Walking To The Jungle"2724
45Tessa Dixson "Ignited"2695
46Kate Ryan "Wild Eyes"2609
47The Subs "Blank"2594
48Dead Man Ray "Out"2585
49Buurman "Elk Einde Is Een Nieuw Begin"2560
50Trobi "Looking For Somebody"2550
51Bovie "Run All The Red Lights - Lester Williams Remix"2457
52DJ Licious "Naked"2449
53Cleymans & Van Geel "Aan De Liefde Ten Onder"2391
54Ilse DeLange "Building Bridges - Live"2380
555NAPBACK "Feels Like Love"2345
56Levi "Liefdesverdriet"2344
57Goose "Something New"2324
58Trixie Whitley "Time"2286
59Rode Neuzen Artiesten 2019 "Heel Mijn Hart"2270
60DVTCH NORRIS "Save Us"2263
61Bart Kaell "Het Draait Vanbinnen - Live"2221
62Manuals "Bam Bam"2209
63SONS "Waiting On My Own"2050
64Glints "Fear"2035
65MATTN "Lone Wolves - Gaillard Remix"1952
66NERVO "Sober"1941
67Used "Mistakes"1890
68Samson & Gert "Het allerlaatste liedje"1831
69K3 "Jij bent mijn Gigi"1790
70Equal Idiots "Run"1762
71Yung Mavu "Declined"1753
72Gers Pardoel "Zomer"1750
73Arno "Oostende bonsoir"1719
74Lost Frequencies "Sun Is Shining - Extended Mix"1675
75Zouzoulectric "He Killed Capoty - Jojo Effect Remix"1671
76Black Leather Jacket "Village People"1663
77Jebroer "Rebel"1656
78Froze "Witte Wolke"1647
79Camille Camille "Strawberry Moon"1640
80Marco Borsato "Hoe Het Danst"1604
81Lotfi "Film"1523
82Joost "Albino"1522
83Balthazar "Changes"1510
84Rex Rebel "Big Shot"1505
85K1D "+32"1485
86Miss Angel "Oh My Dayz"1444
87SMACK "Bring It Back"1442
88TheLavish "Reasons"1425
89Mikolas Josef "Acapella"1393
90Geike "Off Shore"1391
91Mooneye "Black River - Single Edit"1387
92Tijs Vanneste "Kzen Hie Nog Geweest"1329
93Willy Sommers "Eeuwige Dromers"1310
94Studio Vibe "De Kempen Is Van Os"1310
95iCto "Icy Lady"1306
96Kleine Sanders "De Boazn"1302
97Eefje de Visser "Zwarte Zon"1292
98Noémie Wolfs "On The Run"1290
99Campus 12 "Knock-out"1282
100David Ngyah "Stages"1256

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