2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
barbadian pop
2019 in Chutney   playlist
1Motto "One Woman"5659
2Kerwin Du Bois "Soca Demon"5582
3Patrice Roberts "Good"5567
4Lyrikal "Zig Zag"5564
5Voice "Pandemonium"5485
6Orlando Octave "Ride Out"5479
7Swappi "Party Start"5468
8Nailah Blackman "Games"5354
9Erphaan Alves "Compromise"5321
10Kes "Radar"5312
11Precision Productions "Dear Drunk People"5298
12Machel Montano "Dr. Mashup"5270
13Super Blue "Rag Storm (feat. 3 Canal)"5211
14Iwer George "Road March Bacchanal 2"5147
15Travis World "Issa Snack (Remix)"5142
16Dloxx "Workie"5106
17Ricardo Drue "My Kinda Party"5102
18Destra Garcia "Mash up the People Fete"5050
19Destra "Wining Challenge (feat. Mr. Legz)"5025
20Problem Child "Stay Far"4939
21Fay-Ann Lyons "Marc"4934
22Olatunji "Sweetest Gifts (Pan Edit)"4926
23Skorch Bun It "Symphony"4894
24Nadia Batson "Fattt"4881
25Benjai "Say What They Want"4873
26Viking Ding Dong "Greatness"4872
27Nessa Preppy "Right Now - Jollof Rice Riddim"4853
28Shal Marshall "Mas Forever"4815
29Mr. Killa "Run Wid It"4787
30Jamesy P "Soca Land"4785
31Ultimate Rejects "Giants"4749
32Marge Blackman "Soca to the World"4704
33DJ Private Ryan "Road Budy"4698
34Azaryah "More Action"4688
35Blackstarr "Juju"4683
36Blaxx "Boiling Over"4673
37Skinny Fabulous "Bird Box"4659
38Teddyson John "Leave (Kite Sa)"4620
39King Bubba "Can't Drunk Me"4594
40Terra D Governor "Black Power"4574
41Turner "Crab In A Bucket"4512
42Hypasounds "Fair sa"4507
43Jadel "Jam Day"4496
44Leadpipe "Sometime"4485
45Bunji Garlin "Ground Pound"4471
46Preedy "Where We Belong"4457
47Slatta "Unbothered"4427
48Lednek "Real Boom Boom"4425
49Edwin "Call My Mother for Me (Roadmix)"4405
50Muddy "Freedom (feat. Lil Natty & Thunda)"4404
51Runi Jay "Diagnosis"4378
52Sure D "Thunda Juju - Juju Riddim"4369
53Lil Rick "C.S.M. (Can't Style Me)"4362
54Jus D "Tighter (¿Cómo Te Llamas?)"4350
55Sizzdub "#ItAintMe"4340
56Uncle Ellis "Jammin Fever - Sick Jab Riddim"4335
57GBM Nutron "Ting Up"4333
58Lava Man "Call Name (Ah Go Whistle)"4331
59Asten Isaac "Love Strung"4319
60V'ghn "Soca Nice"4296
61Shanta Prince "Rude Gal"4282
62Noydie Glo "Bop (Air Freshener)"4268
63Young Bredda "Everybody Fucking Ya Gyal"4248
64Blackboy "Gym Exercise"4242
65Xpert Productions "Wukking High"4239
66Skinny Banton "Wrong Again"4232
675 Star Akil "Symptoms"4226
68Farmer Nappy "Abandon"4220
69Dev "Dutty"4212
70Alison Hinds "One & Done"4207
71Marzville "Permission"4207
72Shemmy J "Pretty on Purpose"4184
73K.O "Bend for the Beng - Yellow Cone Riddim"4159
74Lil Natty "Going Still"4151
75Porgie "Move"4119
76Lume "Waiting"4101
77Boyzie "Chupid Man"4088
78Various Artists "Do Something Krazy"4051
79Luni Spark & Electrify "Bacchanal Party"4048
80Tendaji "Try"4047
81Lavaman "Jab Emancipation"4042
82Sly "Mix Up"3981
83King Bubba Fm "Love in De House"3966
84Inspector "Toy"3951
85Jab King "Start to Move Like Jab"3918
86Mole "Sweeter Than Sweet"3913
87Joaquin "Wine Pon U"3901
88Fimba "Neighbor - Gru Gru Riddim"3895
89Terri Lyons "Mad Af"3895
90Trinidad Ghost "Trinidad-Zesser More Zessing"3886
91System32 "Real Woman"3842
92Shradah "Da' Bam Ba-Lam"3837
93SITA "Matey"3814
94Teddy Rhymez "Stink Behavior"3813
95Wetty Beatz "Bottle over Head"3790
96Lil' Bitts "Short & Sweet"3756
97Chennet D Man "Clock Wise"3740
98Lead Pipe "Thunder - 1 Good Thing Riddim"3675
99BlackSani "Dumpa Truck"3647
100LFS Music "Light It Up"3645

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