2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
(all Australia)
(all Australia)
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The Sound of Australia 2019   playlist
1Birds Of Tokyo "Good Lord"8140
2Illy "Then What"7961
3Guy Sebastian "Choir"7576
4Hilltop Hoods "Exit Sign"7543
5Amy Shark "Mess Her Up - Single Edit"7115
6Thelma Plum "Better in Blak"6948
7G Flip "Drink Too Much"6784
8Samantha Jade "Bounce"6630
9Hooligan Hefs "No Effect"6628
10Baker Boy "Cool As Hell"6594
11Allday "Protection"6361
12ONEFOUR "Ladz in the Hood"6347
13Peking Duk "Sugar"6307
14Chillinit "Freedom"6292
15Jessica Mauboy "Little Things"6102
16Youngn Lipz "Misunderstood"5962
17Kita Alexander "Between You & I"5647
18Northeast Party House "Magnify"5573
19SAFIA "Resolution"5562
20The Rubens "Live In Life"5545
21Lime Cordiale "Inappropriate Behaviour"5515
22The Jungle Giants "Heavy Hearted"5445
23Ocean Alley "Stained Glass"5414
24Alice Ivy "Close To You"5408
25Vera Blue "The Way That You Love Me"5407
26Cub Sport "when the party's over - triple j Like A Version"5388
27Triple One "Butter"5344
28Fergus James "Back To Life"5339
29George Alice "Circles"5275
30Conrad Sewell "Love Me Anyway"5161
31The Veronicas "Think of Me"5151
32Golden Features "Paradise"5148
33Client Liaison "The Real Thing"5132
34Montaigne "READY"5082
35Holy Holy "Teach Me About Dying"5064
36Kobie Dee "Jody"5043
37Hp Boyz "Bad N Bouj"5021
38Jack River "Adolescent"5017
39Hermitude "Every Day (feat. Hoodlem)"5015
40The Kite String Tangle "P()L4R"5014
41Running Touch "When I'm Around You"4977
42Ruby Fields "Climate"4923
43Boo Seeka "Rush"4887
44Touch Sensitive "G.A.L."4869
45Seth Sentry "Wrong One"4733
46Aitch "Taste (Make It Shake) (Remix feat. Hooligan Hefs & Nerve)"4697
47Slowly Slowly "Jellyfish"4674
48Genesis Owusu "Good Times"4672
49Angie McMahon "Pasta"4669
50CXLOE "I Can't Have Nice Things"4669
51Horrorshow "Rescue"4634
52Kyle Lionhart "So Close"4622
53Basenji "Perfect Blue"4618
54Winston Surfshirt "Smile"4604
55Manu Crooks "Throw It Back"4555
56Hein Cooper "Invincible"4489
57Kerser "Take it and Run (feat. Jean.)"4444
58GRAACE "21st Century Love"4401
59Hockey Dad "I Try - triple j Like A Version"4343
60LEVZ "Business Men"4340
61KIAN "Telephone"4336
62Tones and I "Johnny Run Away"4320
63Kwame "STOP KNOCKIN' @ MY DOOR!"4269
64Lazy J "Damn Right"4210
65Didirri "Tea Stains"4121
66Yorke "Thought I Could"4078
67Piero Pirupa "Braindead"4068
68B Wise "Burn"4063
69Dune Rats "No Plans"4054
70Drax Project "All This Time"4029
71E^ST "TALK DEEP"4022
72Hayden James "Favours"4013
73Creed Tha Kid "Vibes"4002
74Cosmo's Midnight "C.U.D.I - Can U Dig It"3983
7521 District "The Reply"3939
76Paul Kelly "Every Day My Mother's Voice"3933
77Ziggy Alberts "Intentions (22)"3933
78The Chats "Pub Feed"3913
79Boy & Bear "Hold Your Nerve"3900
80Kim Churchill "After the Sun"3891
81Flume "Rushing Back"3875
82JessB "Mood"3869
83Xavier Dunn "You Lately"3809
84Motez "Steady Motion (feat. KWAYE)"3802
85Adrian Eagle "A.O.K"3789
86Tobiahs "Late Night"3775
87Jai Waetford "Honestly (feat. Carmouflage Rose)"3772
88Jimmy Barnes "Shutting Down Our Town"3740
89BENEE "Glitter"3720
90JOY. "Can't be you"3705
91Stevan "Timee"3704
92Skegss "Here Comes Your Man - triple j Like A Version"3698
93DVNA "Looking Like A Snack"3690
94Eliott "Shaking My Hips"3613
95Spacey Jane "Good for You"3612
96Patrick James "UP"3592
97Shannen James "Something In The Water"3588
98Meg Mac "I'm Not Coming Back"3586
99Lisi "Say Less"3571
100Kira Puru "Everything Is Better Without You"3569

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These lists compile the collective 2019 new-music listening of music fans in every country where people use Spotify, and in the fan communities for 2000+ genres and other genre-shaped distinctions. The songs in each list are scored and ranked by a combined weighting of a) their absolute popularity with those fans and b) the share of the song's global listening that those fans account for. (And then filtered to one song per artist.) This means, for example, that The Sound of Poland 2019 is the music that defines, unites and distinguishes Polish fans, whether that music comes from Poland or not. Likewise, 2019 in K-Pop Girl Group is the music that fans of Korean girl-groups loved, whether it's Korean or Pop or Girls or not. To be eligible, a song must have been released on or after 2018-12-01, as best our data can tell, so that's why no "Truth Hurts".
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