2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
(all Austria)
(all Austria)
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The Sound of Austria 2019   playlist
1Pizzera & Jaus "tuansackl"5161
2Seiler und Speer "Herr Inspektor"4592
3Krautschädl "Mocht jo nix"4100
4Lemo "Alte Seele (Pt. I)"3180
5folkshilfe "Nirwana"2880
6Melissa Naschenweng "I steh auf Bergbauernbuam"2749
7Stefan Rauch "15er Steyr"2451
8Maksim Dark "Sunfire"2352
9Lisa Pac "Helium"2340
10matakustix "AlmÖsiKing"2117
11Wanda "Ciao Baby"1981
12Rainhard Fendrich "Burn Out"1910
13TURBOBIER "Heute fahr ma Polizei (feat. Paul Pizzera)"1887
14Tina Naderer "Bleibst du bei mir"1856
15Voodoo Jürgens "Angst haums"1812
16Josh. "Vielleicht"1740
17Mathea "Chaos"1523
18Marco Wagner "Tüdeldü"1392
19Wiener Wahnsinn "Alles leiwand - Radio Edit"1379
20James Cottriall "Let You Go"1358
21Fiva "Gönn dir"1343
22Julia Anna "Scheiß di net an"1341
23Svaba Ortak "Westbahnhof"1332
24Julian le Play "Millionär"1314
25Nathan Trent "Legacy"1297
26Bilderbuch "Ich Hab Gefühle"1252
27Monobrother "Ehe"1184
28Fäaschtbänkler "Wennduwie"1169
29Jala Brat "Zove Vienna"1133
30AVEC "Home"1098
31Fuzzman "Ich Tachinier (feat. Pauls Jets)"1044
32Yasmo & die Klangkantine "Popsong"996
33Thorsteinn Einarsson "Two Hearts"944
34Lou Asril "Soothing Moving"919
35Senidah "Mišići"918
36Buntspecht "Rotweinmund"896
37Cvija "Ista Si Ko Sve"873
38RAF Camora "Puta Madre - Long Version"872
39Relja "Mi Amor"864
40King & Potter "Diamond (Radio Version)"843
41Tanja Savic "Laga Laga"839
42Rasta "Mantra"835
43Coby "Zver"831
44My Ugly Clementine "Never Be Yours"800
45Mili "Loca"797
46Dame "Selbstfindungstrip (feat. Onk Lou)"794
47Edmund "Bei dir bin i daham"780
48MC Stojan "Alo"779
49Zweikanalton "Domino"777
50Carl Peyer "A langer Weg"776
51Balkaton Gang "Maroko"764
52Andreas Gabalier "Pump It Up - The Motivation Song"758
53Anastasija "Rane"758
54Yung Hurn "Cabrio"751
55Corona "Izvini Mama"745
56Darko Lazic "Majko"737
57Scheibsta & die Buben "Offline"732
58INAS "Da da da"729
595K HD "Crazy Talk"721
60Sarah Connor "Vincent"718
61Milan Stankovic "Brane mi te"717
62Nikolija "Harizma"707
63THCF "Sosa"702
64Vuk Mob "Prete Mi"694
65Caneras "ELIXIR"691
66Steaming Satellites "Running out of Time"687
67Gasttozz "Kataklizma"685
68Rimski "CRNE KIŠE"673
69The BossHoss "Little Help"669
70Teodora "Linija"667
71Popwal "Puppe"652
72In Vivo "Carpe Diem"644
73Edita "Magnum"638
74Hannah "Kinder vom Land"632
75Läts Fetz "Höllawind, mei Alte spinnt"631
76Aca Lukas "Problem"629
77KC Rebell "Neptun"628
78Hurricane "Favorito"612
79Tom Gregory "Small Steps"605
80Mavi Phoenix "Romantic Mode"602
81Capital Bra "Benzema"602
82Nockis "Fair Play"598
83Gazda Paja "Princ Belvedere"597
84Left Boy "Corner Store"594
85Andreana Čekić "Cipele"594
86Ministarke "Voli Me"585
87Olexesh "LaLaLa"584
88BumBumKunst "Alles bestens"582
89Samra "Wieder Lila"579
90Maya Berovic "Zmaj"578
91Emir Đulović "Svadba"574
92Kreiml & Samurai "3 Nagetiere"573
93Ufo361 "Nummer"573
94Seka Aleksić "Bolja sam od zdravlja"566
95MC Yankoo "Ona Bi To"562
96Seer "Woasst noch damals"555
97Sandra Afrika "SOS"554
98KYTES "Any Better"552
99SemKoo "Jaka Majka"552
100Gallo Nero "Hermès"536

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