2019 Around the World   country sampler   genre sampler
The new or newly released music that defined, united and distinguished fan communities of place and interest around the world in 2019...
#7 teen pop
#7teen pop
#9boy band
#22post-teen pop
#24uk pop
#31social media pop
#40tropical house
#45dance pop
#97(Global Songs by Listeners)
2019 in Teen Pop   playlist
1EBEN "Nights Like This"3971
2Kay Cook "Upgrade"3669
3In Real Life "Loveless"3140
4Grant Landis "Home To Momma"2327
5Jake Miller "WHAT IF YOU FELL IN LOVE?"2284
6Ryan Herron "Cure"2264
7Why Don't We "What Am I - Live and Unplugged Session"2183
8Sammy Wilk "Killer"2137
9Aja9 "Us"1866
10Indiana Massara "That Day"1818
11Sam Creighton "Someone Else's Party"1737
12Roadtrip "Eternal"1712
13Max & Harvey "Where Were You"1635
14Kyan Palmer "Back to Life"1601
15Whole Doubts "Shiver (feat. Jaira Burns)"1532
16Hayden Summerall "Different"1516
17Johnny Orlando "Why"1495
18Jacob Whitesides "Whole"1481
19AJ Mitchell "Out My Mind"1474
20Hunter Roberson "Listen"1455
21Alexander Stewart "Shady"1435
22Gatsby "Lonely"1427
23Space Primates "Someone"1427
24AUSTN "Mean"1420
25COLE "Your Sweater"1406
26Mountenz "Loyal to You"1398
27Alex Aiono "I Can’t Be Me"1395
28Jai Waetford "Running Cold"1383
29Ally Barron "Start Again"1304
30Gamma Skies "Wilder"1301
31Alanna "Don't Call Me Baby"1301
32Bravo "Polaroids"1289
33Sense "Love My Crazy (feat. Jenna Alexa)"1287
34Alex Sampson "Stay Here"1286
35PLVTINUM "Better off (Acoustic)"1279
364th Ave "4u"1248
37Tryon "Together"1242
38Layne Elizabeth "Empty"1236
39Joseph Tilley "Something Real"1217
40Caly Bevier "Hate U Sometimes"1212
41Cody Simpson "Don't Let Me Go - Reef Mix"1199
42Spencer Sutherland "It May Sound Strange"1197
43Jayden Bartels "Electric"1180
44The Chase "Home"1163
45Jack Vandervelde "Too Seriously"1159
46Aaron Carpenter "Next"1148
47ÊMIA "If You Can't Take the Rain"1143
48Joey Kidney "What's the Rush"1135
49Chris Jobe "Make It All Better"1130
50Carson Lueders "Make You Laugh"1122
51Frawley "Losers"1119
52Chris Sebastian "I Found You"1088
53Dylan Geick "You and Me"1080
54Logan Henderson "End of the World"1080
55VOILÀ "Water"1075
56Alec Bailey "Lemonade"1060
57Myles Parrish "In The Morning"1058
58Gillian Heidi "What It Felt Like"1051
59Reed Deming "Silver Lining"1032
60THE DLX "Always"1009
61RØYLS "Savages"1005
62Sebastian Olzanski "Not Alone (Acoustic)"1004
63Kayden "Kiss Kiss Baby"995
64On The Outside "Like Yeah"984
65Andrew Garcia "To The Moon"983
66Shaylen "Isn't You"981
67Cenji "I Fall Apart"980
68JAYO "Way Back When"974
69Annie LeBlanc "Swear by the Moon"967
70Kenny Holland "Nobody's Home"959
71Ben Woodward "Want You Back"959
72Matt Hall "Something That You Miss"953
73LEL "If You Let Go"943
74Parker Matthews "Good Enough"938
75Conor Matthews "On and On"929
76Cody Johns "99 Civic"927
77Mindme "No Good"926
78Caleb James "I Choose You"922
79Kiera Loveless "Behind the Scenes"920
80Jordyn Jones "cut 'em off"920
81Elli Moore "Gateway"901
82ROSIE "Nostalgic"890
83Joey Stamper "Sunflower"890
84MAC "My Fault"883
85Joel Adams "Slipping Off The Edge"861
86New Hope Club "Love Again - PBH & Jack Shizzle Remix"857
87Ashley Kutcher "Leave Me Lonely"849
88Greg Marks "Imagine"846
89JORDY "Stay Together"842
90Dylan Jordan "without u"829
91Faber Drive "Night Like This"828
92Liam Ferrari "Waiting for You"823
93Tori Templet "A Lost Love"820
94Chris Viola "Jealous"820
95Jake Clark "Sun Sets over the City"820
96Lost Stars "Legacy"816
97Madison Wonders "To Me You Feel Like Home"816
98Lukas James "Easy"810
99David Hodges "I Have Always Been in Love"805
100Lexx "Taking In"804

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