Gender Listening Patterns by Genre   2020-01-28
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# genre female listeners female streams gender tilt ffshare mfshare shareskew poprank
1 pop 0.605 0.491 0.114 0.520 0.426 0.094 1
2 dance pop 0.613 0.626 -0.013 0.645 0.562 0.083 2
3 rap 0.320 0.044 0.276 0.096 0.029 0.067 3
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Gender patterns in Spotify listening, by genre.
- "female listeners" and "female streams" are the fractions of genre listeners self-identifying as female, and of genre streams by female or mixed-gender artists
- "gender tilt" compares female listeners and female streams, so positive gender tilt identifies genres that tend to have women listening to men, and negative gender tile identifies genres that tend to have men listening to women
- "ffshare" and "mfshare" are the average fractions of each listener's streams that are of female or mixed-gender artists, aggreated by listener gender
- "shareskew" compares ffshare to mfshare, so positive shareskew identifies genres where female listeners play female artists more than male listeners do, which is most of them
- "poprank" is the order of genres by Spotify streamshare
Each genre is linked to an algorithmic attempt at a playlist of genre music that may have been made wholly or partly by women.
See also Female-Artist Streamshare by Country or Every Demographic at Once. Or a summary.
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