Female-Artist Streamshare by Country   2019-05-23
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# country rank total direct dw editorial dw skew editorial skew
1 USA 1 0.201 0.204 0.159 0.205 -0.044 0.002
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Percentage of streams accounted for by female or mixed-gender artists, overall and within various categories of listening
- "rank" is the order of countries by Spotify stream-volume
- "direct" means listeners going directly to album or artists pages and playing specific music
- "dw" means listening from the personalized algorithmic Discover Weekly playlists
- "editorial" means listening from Spotify's featured editorial playlists
- "dw skew" and "editorial skew" compare Discover Weekly and editorial streaming to the baseline of overall and direct listening.
See also Gender Listening Patterns by Genre or Every Demographic at Once. Or a summary.
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