Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Cape Town   Western Cape
Cape Town   Western Cape
Johannesburg   Gauteng
Pretoria   Gauteng
Durban   KwaZulu-Natal
house concert   playlist
1Giulio Beltramo "What a Mess"375
2August Child "Honeycomb Prison"334
3The Ceramics "Places"284
4Ameen Harron "Hou Jou Man Dop"270
5Southern Wild "Time Eraser"256
6Dlala Lazz "Ohh Nkosi Yami (feat. Dimpie Dimpopo & Moonchild Sanelly)"251
7uBiza Wethu Mr.Thela "Heartless Bang"231
8Sannie Fox "Sorrow"225
9Gemma Griffiths "My Town"221
10Vuma Levin "Memory"221
11Manana "Distance (I'm Yours)"207
12Paxton "Angifuni"205
13Grassy Spark "Flow"202
14Sphectacula "Bhampa"202
15Ex Olympic "Basement"202
16LaSoulMates "iStory"200
17Chad Saaiman "Recovery"194
18Ryno Velvet "Ai My Lam"192
19Tim Lewis "Make You"190
20Herbie Tsoaeli "Hamba No Malume"190
21Cosher "Think I Might"185
22Arc the Forest "Embers"183
23nic preen & the world of birds "Baboo"171
24Pierre Johnson "Intuitions"165
25Wintercloc "Family & Friends"165
26Mahube "Neria (Feat. Oliver 'Tuku' Mtukudzi & Steve Dyer) (Live)"164
27Cubbi "Rippling"159
28Arno Carstens "Another Universe"159
29Oh! Calamity "Oxygen"158
30Yum Yuck "So Many Ways (To Forget You)"158
31Charlie Finch "Time"157
32Ndaka Yo Wiñi "Tchove Tchove"155
33Vanfokkingtasties "Dagdronk"151
34Springbok Nude Girls "Blue Eyes"139
35The World of Birds "In Paradise"137
36Morris Goldberg "Rancho Fundo"136
37Andile Yenana "Tembisa (The People)"132
3837mph "Eyes Closed"131
39Brynn "White Collar Kings"131
40Loukmaan Adams "Queen of Hearts"131
41Jethro Tait "Burn Me"130
42DJ Cosher "Dancing in the Moonlight"117
43Nadia Jaftha "Paradise"117
44Sutherland "Rainmaker"116
45Runaway Nuns "Banshee"115
46Das Kapital "XTC"115
47Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot "Name And Number - Element Radio Edit"114
48Espacio Dios "Lovesick"114
49Just Jinger "Shallow Waters"113
50Carli J. Myers "Just Sayin'"112
51Ed Harris "Bhenga"111
52Medicine Boy "For The Time Being"110
53Friends of Johnny Clegg "The Crossing"110
54Desmond Wells "Dansvloer Liefde"109
55Hunter Kennedy "Jy Hoef Nie Huis Toe Te Gaan Nie"107
56Culoe De Song "Myth"106
57Kususa "Amabutho"106
58UPZ "Fly Away"105
59The Kiffness "Too Blessed To Be Stressed"104
60Gary Kriel "Pedal Pusher"103
61Sipho the Gift "ACT 3 - WAVES"100
62Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions "The Sirens"97
63Dr Malinga "Solalek'Seni"95
64Mampintsha "S'yaba Thandazela"94
65Michael Lowman "Stand up & Feel the Love (feat. Lelo)"92
66Striptek "Taken"90
67The Dirty Skirts "Daddy Don't Disco"87
68Killa Kau "Tholukuthi Hey"86
69Avi Subban "Rejects"84
70OSKIDO "Ngci"84
71Moonchild Sanelly "Weh Mameh"83
72Jody Abrahams "My Broetjie My Bra"83
73Hog Hoggidy Hog "Sherry Ann"83
74Sakhile "Isililo"83
75Ard Matthews "Midnight Sun"80
76Jarrad Ricketts "Take Me to Your Heart"79
77Crosscurrent "Messing With My Mind"78
78Aston Wylie "Broken and Beautiful"78
79The Muffinz "You're the One"78
80Ernie Smith "Lonely"78
81David Kramer "Royal Hotel"78
82Rooies Grobbelaar "Hou Jou Hande Van My Lyf Af"76
83Worsie Visser "Boesmanland"75
84Zintle Kwaaiman "Mbizen Uyabaleka (feat. DJ Ligwa & BlaqVision) - Original Mix"75
85Bacchus Nel "Oppieplaas"74
86Manie Jackson "Die Hemel Weet"74
87DJ Ngamla No Tarenzo "Skin Is Just a Colour"74
88Brain Driver "Crepusculum Animarium"73
89Jono Johansen "Wicked Game"73
90M.O.F "This Must Be The Place - Reshape"72
91Reinhardt Buhr "Eden Falls"72
92Wonderboom "Africa"71
93Blackbyrd "From The Bottom Of My Heart"71
94Elvis Blue "Toe Ons Jonk Was"71
95Evoid "Shadows"70
96Apple Gule "Sink O' Swim"69
97Mantis "No Fairytale"69
98Jeremy Olivier "Africa's Time"69
99Lesley Rae Dowling "The Spaniard"69
100Paul Matavire "Kamoto Kamberevere"69

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