Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Houston   Texas
Los Angeles   California
Chicago   Illinois
Houston   Texas
Dallas   Texas
Atlanta   Georgia
New York   New York
Brooklyn   New York
San Francisco   California
Cleveland   Ohio
Seattle   Washington
Miami   Florida
Philadelphia   Pennsylvania
Denver   Colorado
Orlando   Florida
Minneapolis   Minnesota
Washington   District of Columbia
Charlotte   North Carolina
The Bronx   New York
Sacramento   California
Phoenix   Arizona
San Antonio   Texas
Las Vegas   Nevada
Portland   Oregon
Gainesville   Florida
San Diego   California
Arlington   Virginia
Tampa   Florida
Austin   Texas
San Jose   California
Detroit   Michigan
Riverside   California
Boston   Massachusetts
Newark   New Jersey
Kansas City   Missouri
Santa Ana   California
Omaha   Nebraska
Pittsburgh   Pennsylvania
St Louis   Missouri
Columbus   Ohio
Saint Paul   Minnesota
Oakland   California
Nashville   Tennessee
Cincinnati   Ohio
Indianapolis   Indiana
Fort Lauderdale   Florida
Pacoima   California
Oklahoma City   Oklahoma
Anaheim   California
Louisville   Kentucky
Honolulu   Hawaii
Milwaukee   Wisconsin
San Leandro   California
Buffalo   New York
Fort Worth   Texas
Long Beach   California
Baltimore   Maryland
Raleigh   North Carolina
Tucson   Arizona
Birmingham   Alabama
Dayton   Ohio
Grand Rapids   Michigan
Mesquite   Texas
El Paso   Texas
Albuquerque   New Mexico
Knoxville   Tennessee
Rochester   New York
Jacksonville   Florida
Madison   Wisconsin
Richmond   Virginia
Memphis   Tennessee
Providence   Rhode Island
New Orleans   Louisiana
Silver Spring   Maryland
Colorado Springs   Colorado
Fresno   California
Des Moines   Iowa
Ann Arbor   Michigan
Syracuse   New York
Lincoln   Nebraska
Virginia Beach   Virginia
Spokane   Washington
Baton Rouge   Louisiana
Wichita   Kansas
Tulsa   Oklahoma
Boise   Idaho
Murfreesboro   Tennessee
Lubbock   Texas
Tallahassee   Florida
Lexington   Kentucky
Boulder   Colorado
Durham   North Carolina
Charlottesville   Virginia
Columbia   South Carolina
Bloomington   Indiana
Eugene   Oregon
Athens   Georgia
Anchorage   Alaska
Ithaca   New York
Chattanooga   Tennessee
Chapel Hill   North Carolina
Columbia   Missouri
Fayetteville   Arkansas
Springfield   Missouri
Iowa City   Iowa
Lynchburg   Virginia
Wilmington   North Carolina
Charleston   South Carolina
Amherst   Massachusetts
Toledo   Ohio
San Luis Obispo   California
Provo   Utah
Greenville   South Carolina
Lafayette   Louisiana
Boone   North Carolina
Burlington   Vermont
Cleveland   Tennessee
Myrtle Beach   South Carolina
house concert   playlist
1Slim Thug, Boss Hogg Outlawz "Ride On 4's"681
2DJ Storm & Lil' Keke "Down South Freestyle Flow"633
3Jhiame "Roll Up a Blunt"603
4Yb Puerto Rico "No Support"594
5Z-Ro Trae Tha Truth "Still Gets No Love"588
6Pymp Tyte "All about My Doe"572
7Kiotti "H Town for Real - Remix"544
8Hata Proof Records Presents "I'd Rather Bang Screw"536
9Hold On Hollywood "The Chase"476
10Yella Fella "We Pull Out in Houston"462
11Los Igualados "Llama por Favor"423
12Southside Playaz "Swang Down"420
13Ghost Magneto "I'm the One"407
14Austin Lanier "Me Time"386
15juicebox caviar "2 am."373
16El Compa M "Dinero Lujos y Ranchos"351
17Mo City Don "Look Good"347
18GT Mayne "H.O.U.S.T.O.N. - Original"344
19Lifestyl "Million Dollar Stars (feat. Chocstilli)"342
20Donnie B Good "Houston Nights"340
21Milenio "Una Lady Como Tu"332
22TEXAS BOYZ "What Y'all Know About Them Texas Boyz"328
23S-8ighty "Halfway"324
24Nemesis "Se Le Ve"313
25Slim Thug feat. Paul Wall, Bun B "Creepin"300
26VickeeLo "Sit On Dat"294
27Go A.I Musik "Mommas"294
28Youngmaxo "By Me"291
29Tow Down "Country Rap Tune (feat. H.A.W.K. & Big Pokey)"290
30La 26 "Come on Home (feat. Keith Frank)"287
31Big Hawk "S.U.C."286
32Dallas Blocker "Rock Ya Body"281
33Lifestyl "Nasty Girl (Just a Friend to Me)"273
34The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band "The Texas Aggie War Hymn"272
35DJ Money Fresh "Rolling in the Deep (New Orleans Bounce Remix) (feat. J-Dawg)"266
36Street Military "Gasta Get Paid"265
37Big Baby Flava "Balling Was a Dream (feat. Lil Flip)"260
38J Miguelo "Ven Pa Aca"259
39RP Cola "2 Much Lean In My Cup"257
40Pazzion "Es Tan Dificil"255
41D Bando "See You With Nothing"255
42Pain Ortiz "Block Skit"254
43Astragal "Moderne Luxury"252
44Ghost "Nawlfr"247
45Bob Gallarza "I’ve Got a Neverending Love"246
46Jaye Hammer "Party Mood"243
47Elida Reyna "Duele"243
48A Nite Out "Smaller the Club"241
49Trent Cowie Band "She Don't Like Roses"239
50Dante Higgins "1996 - Lil Keke Remix"237
51Tre9 "Pull Up On Ya Block (Generations Remix)"237
52DJ Screw & Mobb Figgaz "Steady Ballin"236
53Big C "Till da Grave"234
54Kyle Bennett "Here In This Town"233
55Austin Tellez "Love in a Bar"226
56Super Dave "Swimming Pools (Drank) - Screwed & Chopped"225
57Trae & Z-Ro "F*ck Wit Yll"225
58Chucky Trill "Streets Don't Love a Soul"224
59Kids Outside "Coming Home"224
60DJ West Bank Red "We Are One (DJ Westbank Red Bounce Mix)"219
61Big Tony "Drank Blvd"219
62Screwed Up Click "Straight Wreckin 1 Freestyle (Bonus Track) - Slowed & Chopped"218
63The Mystery Lady "I Hear You Knocking"217
64DJ Screw & The Screwed Up Click "It's Going Down"217
65Nexxo "Eres Lo Que Más Quiero"214
66Big Steve "What’s Happen"214
67Moe & Joe "Whiskey Chasin'"211
68La Eminencia "Fue en un Cafe"211
69Hugo Guerrero "La Charanga"210
70Wreckshop Records "Power Up"209
71Jesse Raub Jr. "Good Man Go Wrong (feat. Cody Johnson)"207
72Robert Ray "Two Steppin' at a Time"207
73Todd Fritsch "Texas Talkin'"207
74Django Walker "Texas Longhorn"205
75DJ Poppa, DJ Tank & DJ Juvie "Officially Missing You (DJ Poppa, DJ Juvie & DJ Tank Bounce Mix)"205
76David Marez "Que Mala Suerte"197
77Wris "Red Ice"193
78Key Players "This Is For My - Feat. E.S.g, Slim Thug & T-2"192
79H.A.W.K. "Exclusive"191
80Qheem The Redeemed "Jesus or Nah?"190
81Ricardo y Genaro "El Corrido de los Astros"187
82Gotty Boi Chris "Wiggle Low"187
83Rebeleon "Cańo Lindo"183
84Jamie Davis & Soul Gravy "Mississippi Moonshine"183
85Sarah Monique "Esta Noche Te Olvido"182
86Dub Miller "The Fightin' texas Aggie Song"181
87Ronnie Lovejoy "Sho Wasn't Me"179
88Davey Asaph "Up! (feat. Annelie)"178
89Just Brittany "Mama Should've Told Me (feat. Zro)"176
90South Park Coalition "The Game Goes On"174
91Grupo Ligado "Loco"173
92UGK (Underground Kingz) featuring C-Note "Holdin' Na"171
93SPM Bing Grimm "Mafiosos"169
94Big Yayo "The Boots on Song (feat. Omar Cunningham)"167
95Kathy Taylor "Oh How Precious"167
96Doughbeezy "I'm from Texas"166
97OG Avery "On Choppas - Feat. Big Moe"166
98Darrin Morris Band "Green-Eyed Texas Angel"165
99Brooke Brown "Somewhere in Between"164
100Bailey Ingle "In Love With The Memories"163

alchemy by glenn mcdonald / @everynoise for Spotify, listening by the world