Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Cleveland   Ohio
Los Angeles   California
Chicago   Illinois
Houston   Texas
Dallas   Texas
Atlanta   Georgia
New York   New York
Brooklyn   New York
San Francisco   California
Cleveland   Ohio
Seattle   Washington
Miami   Florida
Philadelphia   Pennsylvania
Denver   Colorado
Orlando   Florida
Minneapolis   Minnesota
Washington   District of Columbia
Charlotte   North Carolina
The Bronx   New York
Sacramento   California
Phoenix   Arizona
San Antonio   Texas
Las Vegas   Nevada
Portland   Oregon
Gainesville   Florida
San Diego   California
Arlington   Virginia
Tampa   Florida
Austin   Texas
San Jose   California
Detroit   Michigan
Riverside   California
Boston   Massachusetts
Newark   New Jersey
Kansas City   Missouri
Santa Ana   California
Omaha   Nebraska
Pittsburgh   Pennsylvania
St Louis   Missouri
Columbus   Ohio
Saint Paul   Minnesota
Oakland   California
Nashville   Tennessee
Cincinnati   Ohio
Indianapolis   Indiana
Fort Lauderdale   Florida
Pacoima   California
Oklahoma City   Oklahoma
Anaheim   California
Louisville   Kentucky
Honolulu   Hawaii
Milwaukee   Wisconsin
San Leandro   California
Buffalo   New York
Fort Worth   Texas
Long Beach   California
Baltimore   Maryland
Raleigh   North Carolina
Tucson   Arizona
Birmingham   Alabama
Dayton   Ohio
Grand Rapids   Michigan
Mesquite   Texas
El Paso   Texas
Albuquerque   New Mexico
Knoxville   Tennessee
Rochester   New York
Jacksonville   Florida
Madison   Wisconsin
Richmond   Virginia
Memphis   Tennessee
Providence   Rhode Island
New Orleans   Louisiana
Silver Spring   Maryland
Colorado Springs   Colorado
Fresno   California
Des Moines   Iowa
Ann Arbor   Michigan
Syracuse   New York
Lincoln   Nebraska
Virginia Beach   Virginia
Spokane   Washington
Baton Rouge   Louisiana
Wichita   Kansas
Tulsa   Oklahoma
Boise   Idaho
Murfreesboro   Tennessee
Lubbock   Texas
Tallahassee   Florida
Lexington   Kentucky
Boulder   Colorado
Durham   North Carolina
Charlottesville   Virginia
Columbia   South Carolina
Bloomington   Indiana
Eugene   Oregon
Athens   Georgia
Anchorage   Alaska
Ithaca   New York
Chattanooga   Tennessee
Chapel Hill   North Carolina
Columbia   Missouri
Fayetteville   Arkansas
Springfield   Missouri
Iowa City   Iowa
Lynchburg   Virginia
Wilmington   North Carolina
Charleston   South Carolina
Amherst   Massachusetts
Toledo   Ohio
San Luis Obispo   California
Provo   Utah
Greenville   South Carolina
Lafayette   Louisiana
Boone   North Carolina
Burlington   Vermont
Cleveland   Tennessee
Myrtle Beach   South Carolina
house concert   playlist
1Marvin Morrow "Living Waters (feat. Paul Williams & Dan Moneyhun)"188
2Rootabang "Money Long"174
3Margaret Raber "Battle Hymn of Love"167
4The Waldner Messengers "There's Still Time"153
5Alex Bevan "Skinny"145
6Front Porch Lights "All My Money"141
7Rico Dinero "Triflin' (feat. Big Mota)"136
8The Thing With Feathers "Song of the Nighttime"117
9Preme Dibiasi "I Do the Most"114
10Darin and Brooke Aldridge "I've Got More To Go To Heaven For"111
11Mekka Don "Rock for My Browns (Dawg Pound)"107
12Jacob Lones "Fence Row Kids"107
13MellowXzackt "Go Home"107
14The Schwartz Family "The Cross Still Stands"104
15Mourning [A] BLKstar "Anti Anthem"98
16The Katy "High in the North"98
17Sheila Mullet "The Prettiest Flowers"95
18LEDGES "Teenage Daydream"94
19The Stutzman Sisters "The Son Will Rise"93
20Lewis Phillips "If It's God-Made (It's Got To Be Good)"93
21Shetler Jones "Flame"93
22Brenny Blanco "Downtime"89
23Hopesong "Seated With My Heavenly King"87
24Artful Dodger "Scream"86
25Idd Ack "Dump the Cooler (Fxck'em)"83
26Benzo "Curley Fries"83
27Livin' Forgiven "He Will Pilot Me"82
28Conrad Fisher "How Far Is Heaven"78
29Electric Sound Music "Lost in You"78
30FreshProduce. "Duce Is the Crew"78
31Mimi Arden "Soul Pocket"78
32Nick Walker "If You See Kay"78
33YFL Kelvin "Nasdaq"78
34Mikal Callow "Back Home"77
35The Vindys "Bang"76
36Raymond Gregory "Rejoice"75
37Amos & Margaret Raber "I Just Steal Away and Pray"74
38Lifeless "Born Dead"73
39Suitcase Runaway "My Friends - Live"73
40Summer Avenue "You..."73
41Julia Thompson "Hits"72
42Jacob Boarman "Amazed"69
43Cam Becker "Time and Space"69
44Michael Bahn "Freedom Comes"69
45Paddlebots "Out of the Blue"69
46Polars "In the Water / Damns Break"69
47Who Hit Me "All I Wanna Be"69
48Ty Bri "Candy Lady"65
49H.A.M "Wishy Washy"64
50Fresco Trey "What If"64
51Bluegrass Gospel Project "Down in the Valley to Pray (Live)"64
52Jesse Coraggio "Singing Along"64
53The Badlees "Fear Of Falling"64
54The Ohio University Marching 110 "Stand Up and Cheer - Ohio Bobcats - Live"64
55Daniel & Emma Lynn Glick "God Holds the Future in His Hands"63
56Madeline Finn "The River"63
57Saint Boyd "Zoo"60
58Herzog "Little Bugs"60
59Shana Falana "Cool Kids"60
60Jp Thornewell "Stars"59
61Maddie Foresta "Purple Boy"59
62Natalie Graham "Baby Don't Go"59
63Blonde on Bread "Standby"59
64Chase Cummings "Hillbilly State of Mind (Remix)"59
65Uptowne Buddha "One More Time"59
66Michael Stanley "Let's Get the Show on the Road"56
67University Of Michigan "The Victors"56
68Amos and Margaret Raber Family "I Have Decided"56
69Stutzman Family Singers "Lean on Me"55
70Young Cap "Middle of the Night"55
71Bodybag "Storming the Gates of Hell"54
723rd Eye Indigo "Indigo Cypher"54
73Agitator "Embrace Hate"54
74Apollo Sneed "Ocean Blue"54
75Behold the Beloved "Remedy"54
76Carter Vale "Heard You Need a Man"54
77Case Bargé "Just Stay - Bonus Track"54
78DL Rossi "This Road"54
79Dead Fall "Never Expected"54
80Del Jackson "Hug the Master"54
81Hammertowne "Polly’s Revenge"54
82Jellyroll "Heaven"54
83KB Jizzle "Goblins"54
84Kyle Beaumont "Show Me a Sign"54
85Niko Bokos "waste my time"54
86Omega Virus "Golden Calf"54
87Pra$ad "Sad & Lonely"54
88Racket Man "Bad Simulator"54
89TwanMnzl & SikaMor "Smoke Loud"54
90The Godz "Gotta Keep a Runnin'"54
91Thirty Nights of Violence "To Die in Your Portrait"54
92Big 40 "Motivation"54
93Joey James "Pillow Talk (feat. Lindsxy Mesenburg)"53
94Luvabstract "Centerfold"52
95River Beats "With Me"52
96Counterfeit Madison "I Hope It's Alright"52
97Offside "Waving Flag (Celebration Radio Edit) - Celebration Radio Edit"51
98DJ Fate "Goin"49
99No Dice "Change Your Mind"49
1004our Seasons "Casio"49

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