Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Buffalo   New York
Chicago   Illinois
Los Angeles   California
Houston   Texas
Dallas   Texas
New York   New York
Atlanta   Georgia
San Francisco   California
Brooklyn   New York
Miami   Florida
Denver   Colorado
Cleveland   Ohio
Philadelphia   Pennsylvania
Minneapolis   Minnesota
The Bronx   New York
Arlington   Virginia
Charlotte   North Carolina
Seattle   Washington
Orlando   Florida
Washington   District of Columbia
San Antonio   Texas
Portland   Oregon
Phoenix   Arizona
Sacramento   California
Anaheim   California
Santa Ana   California
Detroit   Michigan
Newark   New Jersey
Las Vegas   Nevada
Gainesville   Florida
Tampa   Florida
Riverside   California
San Jose   California
San Diego   California
Austin   Texas
Boston   Massachusetts
Fort Worth   Texas
Baltimore   Maryland
Columbus   Ohio
St Louis   Missouri
Omaha   Nebraska
Arlington   Texas
Pittsburgh   Pennsylvania
Saint Paul   Minnesota
Indianapolis   Indiana
Stockton   California
Oklahoma City   Oklahoma
Cincinnati   Ohio
Kansas City   Missouri
Oakland   California
Overland Park   Kansas
Buffalo   New York
Louisville   Kentucky
Glendale   California
Fort Lauderdale   Florida
Nashville   Tennessee
Madison   Wisconsin
Milwaukee   Wisconsin
Raleigh   North Carolina
Silver Spring   Maryland
Honolulu   Hawaii
Liberty   Texas
Tucson   Arizona
Mesa   Arizona
Albuquerque   New Mexico
Providence   Rhode Island
Memphis   Tennessee
Birmingham   Alabama
Irvine   California
Hyattsville   Maryland
El Paso   Texas
Rockwall   Texas
Dayton   Ohio
Grand Rapids   Michigan
Aurora   Colorado
Jacksonville   Florida
Knoxville   Tennessee
Richmond   Virginia
Rochester   New York
Colorado Springs   Colorado
New Orleans   Louisiana
Cambridge   Massachusetts
Fresno   California
Ann Arbor   Michigan
Lincoln   Nebraska
Durham   North Carolina
Murfreesboro   Tennessee
Syracuse   New York
Tulsa   Oklahoma
Tallahassee   Florida
Charlottesville   Virginia
Columbia   South Carolina
Lexington   Kentucky
Lubbock   Texas
Santa Barbara   California
Baton Rouge   Louisiana
Bloomington   Indiana
Toledo   Ohio
Anchorage   Alaska
Fort Collins   Colorado
East Lansing   Michigan
Charleston   South Carolina
Athens   Georgia
Chapel Hill   North Carolina
Ithaca   New York
Columbia   Missouri
Provo   Utah
Harrisonburg   Virginia
Iowa City   Iowa
Lynchburg   Virginia
Auburn   Alabama
Bellingham   Washington
La Jolla   California
Little Rock   Arkansas
Binghamton   New York
Lafayette   Louisiana
Burlington   Vermont
Cleveland   Tennessee
Window Rock   Arizona
house concert   playlist
1Witty Tarbox "Moving Pictures"83
2John Higgins "Just Kids"78
3Gu Razer "LV DuRag"69
4Kill the Clock "Spaced-Out"64
5Pr0 Social "Groove"64
6Previous Love "Undeserving"63
7Fernway "Headspace"62
8Ghostpool "Dropout"59
9Johnny & the Man Kids "Keep On"54
10Inertia "Ditention"54
11Papi Flaco "&SoTheJourneyBegins"54
12Trevor Scott "What's Taking A Hold of Me?"54
13Walrus Junction "Ghost Town"54
14Lil Geechy "Acid Eyes"49
15Bungler "Finders Keepers, Takers Leavers"49
16Folkfaces "Arrows We Break"49
17Funktional Flow "Back Door"49
18Uncle Ben's Remedy "Fire in the Field"49
19Dini "Mary Kate & Ashley"47
20For the Fatherless "Bless the Lord"45
21TALKING IN MY SLEEP "January 8th"45
22Mom Said No "Memories"43
23Reps "Elevated by a Rope"35
24Humble Braggers "Reckless"33
25Benny "Man of the Kitchen"29
26Dirty Blanket "My Getaway"28
27Carpool "Another Song About Rachel"27
28The Buffalo Touch "Alice (Who the Hell Is Alice?)"24
29Ungerfest "Wasteland"23
30Handsome Jack "Keep On"23
31Restless Nights "Intro"23
32Wild Things "Afterglow"15
33Root Shock "Ripple"15
34Driftwood "The Sun's Going Down"12
35Eric Van Houten "Do You Wanna"11
36BeatsBySeb "Fur Coat"10
37Destroy//Create "Vivid"10
38Tyreckdagoat "King of the Hill"8
39Dreambeaches "Habits"7
40Clinton Itoo "Honesty"5
41Lowest of the Low "Just About "The Only" Blues"3
42My City, My Secret "A.I."2
43Erik Hearts "NoMo"1

alchemy by glenn mcdonald / @everynoise for Spotify, listening by the world