Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
New Orleans   Louisiana
Los Angeles   California
Chicago   Illinois
Houston   Texas
Dallas   Texas
New York   New York
Atlanta   Georgia
Brooklyn   New York
San Francisco   California
Cleveland   Ohio
Seattle   Washington
Philadelphia   Pennsylvania
Miami   Florida
Washington   District of Columbia
Denver   Colorado
Minneapolis   Minnesota
The Bronx   New York
Orlando   Florida
Sacramento   California
Phoenix   Arizona
Charlotte   North Carolina
San Antonio   Texas
Las Vegas   Nevada
Portland   Oregon
Arlington   Virginia
Gainesville   Florida
San Jose   California
Austin   Texas
Detroit   Michigan
Tampa   Florida
Santa Ana   California
Newark   New Jersey
Corona   California
Boston   Massachusetts
St Louis   Missouri
Riverside   California
Columbus   Ohio
Pittsburgh   Pennsylvania
Omaha   Nebraska
Irving   Texas
San Diego   California
Pacoima   California
Kansas City   Missouri
Fort Lauderdale   Florida
Saint Paul   Minnesota
Oakland   California
Nashville   Tennessee
Cincinnati   Ohio
San Leandro   California
Oklahoma City   Oklahoma
Honolulu   Hawaii
Long Beach   California
Milwaukee   Wisconsin
Louisville   Kentucky
Indianapolis   Indiana
Fort Worth   Texas
Buffalo   New York
Mesquite   Texas
Raleigh   North Carolina
Providence   Rhode Island
Tucson   Arizona
Dayton   Ohio
Rochester   New York
Baltimore   Maryland
Grand Rapids   Michigan
Birmingham   Alabama
El Paso   Texas
Knoxville   Tennessee
Jacksonville   Florida
Albuquerque   New Mexico
Richmond   Virginia
Memphis   Tennessee
Fort Wayne   Indiana
Madison   Wisconsin
New Orleans   Louisiana
Colorado Springs   Colorado
Ann Arbor   Michigan
Fresno   California
Syracuse   New York
Lincoln   Nebraska
Tulsa   Oklahoma
Lubbock   Texas
Baton Rouge   Louisiana
Tallahassee   Florida
Spokane   Washington
Boise   Idaho
Wichita   Kansas
Odessa   Texas
Lexington   Kentucky
Boulder   Colorado
Durham   North Carolina
Charlottesville   Virginia
Santa Barbara   California
Eugene   Oregon
Bloomington   Indiana
Athens   Georgia
Anchorage   Alaska
Chattanooga   Tennessee
Fort Collins   Colorado
Columbia   Missouri
Fayetteville   Arkansas
Denton   Texas
Amherst   Massachusetts
Charleston   South Carolina
San Luis Obispo   California
Wilmington   North Carolina
Wilmington   Delaware
Harrisonburg   Virginia
Provo   Utah
Lynchburg   Virginia
Savannah   Georgia
Waco   Texas
Lafayette   Louisiana
Burlington   Vermont
Ballwin   Missouri
Cleveland   Tennessee
Newberg   Oregon
Zuni   New Mexico
house concert   playlist
1Affiliate "Cold Shoulder"112
2Big Chief Monk Boudreaux "Monk's Mardi Gras"102
3The Wild Magnolias "All On A Mardi Gras Day"102
4Bo Dollis "Carnival Time"100
5Big Sam's Funky Nation "Come Down To New Orleans"94
6Anders Osborne & Monk Boudreaux "Dive In The Gumbo"93
7Henry Butler "Mama Roux"93
8huddyleango "Dime a Dozen"78
9Tasche De La Rocha "Starlight"76
10New Orleans Nightcrawlers "Funky Liza"74
11Flaming Arrows "Shoo Fly"74
12Juvenile "Mardi Gras"73
13Bobby Charles "Walking To New Orleans"70
14New Breed Brass Band "Watcha Workin It Fa (feat. 5th Ward Weebie)"69
15The Hawketts "Mardi Gras Mambo - Remastered 1995"68
16Los Hombres Calientes "Cubacajun Carnival"67
17Fredy Omar Con Su Banda "Mardi Gras Mambo - Cha Cha Cha"64
18King James & The Special Men "Special Man Boogie"64
19Y.T.B. "Cloudy Skies"61
20Olympia Brass Band "Mardi Gras In New Orleans"59
21The Original Pinettes Brass Band "Grazin in the Grass"56
22C.J. Chenier "Zydeco Mardi Gras"55
23Al "Carnival Time" Johnson "Carnival Time"55
24Al Johnson & The Soul Apostles "Carnival Time"55
25The Tumbling Wheels "Our Blood's the Same"54
26Flipset Fred "Washing Machine"54
27Funkhouse "Funkhouse"54
28Lia Flannery "Wrapped in Roses"54
29Slim Chance Blues & Rhythm Revue "(Big Chief Like) Plenty O' Fire Water"54
30Mobo Click "Shake It Fo Ya Hood"51
31Roadside Glorious "Gone Girl"50
32Chuck Carbo "Take Care of Your Homework"49
33Lil' Bob And The Lollipops "You Know It Ain't Right"49
34Lindsey Candler "The King"49
35Paasky "G'wapale"49
37Marcia Ball "The Party's Still Going On"48
38Dejan's Olympia Brass Band "It Ain't My Fault"42
39The Explosions "Jockey Ride"40
40Miss Mojo "Unconditional"35
41Rod Bernard "Rockin' Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu"35
42Treme Brass "Big Chief"33
43Bo Dollis Jr "Tootie Ma"31
44Big Al Carson "All In a Mardi Gras Day"30
45Honey Island Swamp Band "Chocolate Cake"30
46The New Orleans Suspects "Cocaine Jane"27
47New Birth Brass Band "Show Me That Dance Called the Second Line"26
48J & The Causeways "How'd We Get Here"26
49Greatwhite Stylez "Hard Times"18
50Feufollet "Au font du lac"18
51Kenneth Brother "What's the Move"17
52Majah Onna Trakk "Out On a Limb (Bounce Mix)"17
53Tony Owens "Got A Get My Baby Back Home"17
54Cheeky Blakk "Bitch get Off Me"16
55Treme Brass Band "Just A Closer Walk With Thee"15
56Flow Tribe "Sexy Body"15
57Benny Spellman "Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette) - 2002 Digital Remaster; 24 Bit Mastering"14
58BTY Young'n "Fuck the Other Side"11
59Hand Out "Care"9
60Rockin' Dopsie, Jr. "Down at the Mardi Gras"8
61Ben Berger "19"8
62The New Orleans Jazz Vipers "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone"7
63New Orleans Heritage Hall Jazz Band "Bourbon St. Parade"7
64Sweet Crude "Isle Dans La Mer"7
65Cha Wa "Get on out the Way"6
66BeauSoleil "L'ouragon (The Hurricane)"6
67PJ Anderson "Love Will Heal"5
68DJ Jubilee "Bootin' Up (Extended Club Mix) (feat. Da Sha Ra)"4
69DJ Poppa & Blaza "Not Gon Cry (DJ Poppa & Blaza Bounce Mix)"4
70Wilbur De Paris "Hot Lips"4
71Lost Bayou Ramblers "Cote Gelee Two Step"4
72Blaqnmild "You (Bounce Mix)"3
73Neville "It's Raining"2
74Bonerama "Mr. Go"2
75James Booker "African Gumbo"2
76Boyfriend "Wash That"2
77Clifton Chenier "Jambalaya"2
78Shamarr Allen "Meet Me On Frenchmen Street - Feat. Kermit Ruffins"2
795th Ward Weebie "Lovin You (feat. Ms Tee)"2
80Lil' Rascals Brass Band "Knock with Me Rock with Me"1

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