Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Atlanta   Georgia
Los Angeles   California
Chicago   Illinois
Dallas   Texas
New York   New York
Houston   Texas
Atlanta   Georgia
Brooklyn   New York
San Francisco   California
Seattle   Washington
Cleveland   Ohio
Miami   Florida
Philadelphia   Pennsylvania
Charlotte   North Carolina
Minneapolis   Minnesota
Orlando   Florida
Arlington   Virginia
Denver   Colorado
Sacramento   California
Phoenix   Arizona
Washington   District of Columbia
The Bronx   New York
San Diego   California
Detroit   Michigan
San Antonio   Texas
Portland   Oregon
Las Vegas   Nevada
San Jose   California
Gainesville   Florida
St Louis   Missouri
Tampa   Florida
Omaha   Nebraska
Boston   Massachusetts
Austin   Texas
Oakland   California
Columbus   Ohio
Anaheim   California
Indianapolis   Indiana
Nashville   Tennessee
Riverside   California
Pittsburgh   Pennsylvania
Kansas City   Missouri
Aurora   Colorado
Newark   New Jersey
Fort Worth   Texas
Saint Paul   Minnesota
Oklahoma City   Oklahoma
Cincinnati   Ohio
Louisville   Kentucky
Buffalo   New York
Santa Ana   California
Birmingham   Alabama
Milwaukee   Wisconsin
Hyattsville   Maryland
Baltimore   Maryland
Madison   Wisconsin
Dayton   Ohio
Raleigh   North Carolina
Silver Spring   Maryland
Honolulu   Hawaii
Albuquerque   New Mexico
Jacksonville   Florida
Tucson   Arizona
El Paso   Texas
New Orleans   Louisiana
Memphis   Tennessee
Irvine   California
Toledo   Ohio
Rochester   New York
Grapevine   Texas
Murfreesboro   Tennessee
Richmond   Virginia
Knoxville   Tennessee
Colorado Springs   Colorado
Grand Rapids   Michigan
Providence   Rhode Island
Cambridge   Massachusetts
Wichita   Kansas
Virginia Beach   Virginia
Fresno   California
Syracuse   New York
Lincoln   Nebraska
Spokane   Washington
Waipahu   Hawaii
Ann Arbor   Michigan
Baton Rouge   Louisiana
Boise   Idaho
Columbia   South Carolina
Tulsa   Oklahoma
Tallahassee   Florida
Reno   Nevada
Lexington   Kentucky
Eugene   Oregon
Durham   North Carolina
Charlottesville   Virginia
Fort Collins   Colorado
Springfield   Missouri
Anchorage   Alaska
Bloomington   Indiana
Lynchburg   Virginia
Athens   Georgia
Davis   California
Ithaca   New York
Columbia   Missouri
Fort Wayne   Indiana
Chapel Hill   North Carolina
Harrisonburg   Virginia
Charleston   South Carolina
San Luis Obispo   California
Fayetteville   Arkansas
Winston-Salem   North Carolina
Provo   Utah
Auburn   Alabama
Greenville   South Carolina
Trenton   New Jersey
Lafayette   Louisiana
Burlington   Vermont
Chinle   Arizona
house concert   playlist
1TopNotch Zion "Pfk"515
2Brendan Abernathy "Story I Can't Write"497
3Dum Money Tune "WORK MY MOVE"441
4PsLoveCharlie "Beautiful Thing"415
5Leah Belle Faser "Ruled"399
612Stone Worship "Wonder from the Wasteland (Hallelujah)"364
7Raheem the Dream "The Most Beautiful Girl"357
8Flyguy2stackz "UGA Anthem - Remix"356
9Charlie Boy Gang "Beef It Up"294
10R2R Gutta "Slime Shxt"287
11Da Organization "Can't Stop No Player"287
12Baby D "ATL Hoe"282
13Lil Quii "2 Up (feat. Yung Stizz)"275
14Sabo "Bend Over (feat. Sabo)"250
15Code G "Stayed Down"247
16Yung Thug "100 Dollar Autograph (feat. Yung Thug)"243
17Camoflauge "Fuck Friends"241
18A-Dam Shame "Get It"219
19DJ Taz "That's Right"214
20Ghetto Mafia "Straight From The DEC"210
21TJ Cochran "Rome, Ga"206
22Stuey Rock "Shinin"201
23Kaleb Justice "The Light"197
24Rob Ray "Yellow Rose"194
25Jamie Davis & Soul Gravy "Mississippi Moonshine"192
26Solace Kids "In Denial"188
27Ole-E "Livin' Comfortable, But Not Good"187
28Get Money Girlz - G.M.G "Go Shorty Go (feat. Travis Porter & Charlie Boy)"180
29JohnnyBae "Rich Asf"180
30A Paid Vision "APV Takeover"173
31BHI "Do It, Do It (Poole Palace) - Main / Radio"168
32DJ Funky "Show'Em How 2 Do It (Remix) (feat. Bankroll Fresh, Rich Homie Quan)"168
34Wee Wee 2500 "Blind Hatin (feat. Wee Wee 2500)"164
35lavagestunnaduke "Remedies"160
36Montell Jordan & Victory World Music "Shake Heaven (feat. Beckah Shae)"157
37Jellowstone "Young Traveler"157
38Ptay "My Dawg"155
39DSGB "Make Em Get That Money Right"149
40Paxquiao "Ride 2 Getha"148
41Wonder B "Fuck Smoke Chill"145
42Movin' Keyz "A Song About Sex"145
43Ola Swag "Dying to Live"145
44Two Factor Authentication "Duo"144
45MSA PG "Live Long"142
46Peeko "Conversation #10"140
47A1 Supergroup "Everywhere We Go"140
48Cesar Royale "Put It on Me (feat. Trap Money Doonk)"140
49Backbone "5 Duce- 4 Tre"136
50WooDaRealest "Fetish"134
51Jay Pat "Jump Out"131
52Brian Fuller "Myself"129
53Ricky Bell "When Will I See You Smile Again?"127
54The Grass Is Dead "Brown Eyed Women"126
55Baby Jay "Sukka Nigga"126
56Everyone Orchestra "Funk Explosion"125
57Honeycomb Brazy "Freestyle"123
58Rich Kidz "I See You [Main]"121
59DJ Kizzy Rock "Can't Stop the Rock"121
60King of Summer "Pop"119
61Lance Peace "Spend It All"118
62Jupiter Coyote "Crazy Women"117
63Ferro DizzlE "Facts"117
641247 SWIFT "Money Machine"117
65Money Mu "Hittin'"115
66Reek Daddy "Thats Fresh (feat. V-Town, Dirty J & Mac Allen)"115
67Alexis Roberts "Deeper"115
68JITT "Mindin My Bizz"112
69Sammy Sam "Knuckle Up"112
70Whereischo "Maybe I Just Need Atlanta"107
71Marty Raybon "Beulah Land"107
72Anointed Brown Sisters "He Worked It Out For Me"107
73Bluegrass Gospel Project "Down in the Valley to Pray (Live)"107
74Eddie Gold "The Fam"107
75Hollywood Luck "Dance in That (feat. Flawless, Doe Hicks)"107
76Michael Combs "Not For Sale"105
77Jazzy Pha "I Like Dem Girlz"104
78Zae "Thyow"103
79City Boyz "City Boy Bounce"103
80The Wilmington Chester Mass Choir "Hosanna (Isaiah 6:1)"102
81Felipe Da Don "100it 200it"102
82Zack Woods "Macon"102
83Voodoo Visionary "Cold Shallow Moon"100
84Tex James "Smart Girl"99
85KaP "Age Aint Nun (feat. Kap)"98
86Scrappy "#Selfish (feat. Sammie)"98
87Neaptide "Agitated Honeybees"97
88Intoxicated "Walk It' (feat. Baby D)"96
89Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Marching Band "Ramblin Wreck"94
90OD Da Don "Similac"93
91Quail P "Money Fetish"93
921-800-TOMMY "Laflare (Freestyle)"93
93Aveboy Elchapo "Narcotics"93
94David Hammond & Chosen Disciples "Keep Praying"93
95Heirline "He's Alive"93
96Nate White "Migration"93
97Sammy Sam "Ridin Wit Some Playas"93
98Samroc & T.J. Freeq "Truck Squat"92
99Yukons "TODAY"90
100Louie Luciano "Deep in That (feat. Y Citi)"90

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