Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
San Francisco   California
Chicago   Illinois
Los Angeles   California
Houston   Texas
Dallas   Texas
New York   New York
Atlanta   Georgia
San Francisco   California
Brooklyn   New York
Miami   Florida
Denver   Colorado
Cleveland   Ohio
Philadelphia   Pennsylvania
Minneapolis   Minnesota
The Bronx   New York
Arlington   Virginia
Charlotte   North Carolina
Seattle   Washington
Orlando   Florida
Washington   District of Columbia
San Antonio   Texas
Portland   Oregon
Phoenix   Arizona
Sacramento   California
Anaheim   California
Santa Ana   California
Detroit   Michigan
Newark   New Jersey
Las Vegas   Nevada
Gainesville   Florida
Tampa   Florida
Riverside   California
San Jose   California
San Diego   California
Austin   Texas
Boston   Massachusetts
Fort Worth   Texas
Baltimore   Maryland
Columbus   Ohio
St Louis   Missouri
Omaha   Nebraska
Arlington   Texas
Pittsburgh   Pennsylvania
Saint Paul   Minnesota
Indianapolis   Indiana
Stockton   California
Oklahoma City   Oklahoma
Cincinnati   Ohio
Kansas City   Missouri
Oakland   California
Overland Park   Kansas
Buffalo   New York
Louisville   Kentucky
Glendale   California
Fort Lauderdale   Florida
Nashville   Tennessee
Madison   Wisconsin
Milwaukee   Wisconsin
Raleigh   North Carolina
Silver Spring   Maryland
Honolulu   Hawaii
Liberty   Texas
Tucson   Arizona
Mesa   Arizona
Albuquerque   New Mexico
Providence   Rhode Island
Memphis   Tennessee
Birmingham   Alabama
Irvine   California
Hyattsville   Maryland
El Paso   Texas
Rockwall   Texas
Dayton   Ohio
Grand Rapids   Michigan
Aurora   Colorado
Jacksonville   Florida
Knoxville   Tennessee
Richmond   Virginia
Rochester   New York
Colorado Springs   Colorado
New Orleans   Louisiana
Cambridge   Massachusetts
Fresno   California
Ann Arbor   Michigan
Lincoln   Nebraska
Durham   North Carolina
Murfreesboro   Tennessee
Syracuse   New York
Tulsa   Oklahoma
Tallahassee   Florida
Charlottesville   Virginia
Columbia   South Carolina
Lexington   Kentucky
Lubbock   Texas
Santa Barbara   California
Baton Rouge   Louisiana
Bloomington   Indiana
Toledo   Ohio
Anchorage   Alaska
Fort Collins   Colorado
East Lansing   Michigan
Charleston   South Carolina
Athens   Georgia
Chapel Hill   North Carolina
Ithaca   New York
Columbia   Missouri
Provo   Utah
Harrisonburg   Virginia
Iowa City   Iowa
Lynchburg   Virginia
Auburn   Alabama
Bellingham   Washington
La Jolla   California
Little Rock   Arkansas
Binghamton   New York
Lafayette   Louisiana
Burlington   Vermont
Cleveland   Tennessee
Window Rock   Arizona
house concert   playlist
1hangtimekyul "Idkwtg"579
2Lyrah "Don't Make Me"347
3Dem Hoodstarz "Getz Ya Grown Man On - Remix (Explicit)"297
4Zayvsthem "Flex On You"207
5Big Von "Windows (feat. Keak Da Sneak, The Jacka, Mickey Shiloh)"195
6Mint "Carmen Cortez"194
7Lil Lar "Issa Lick (feat. Day Deez & Blam)"193
824kgoldn "Ballin' Like Shareef"173
9Tay Way "Fuck It Up"171
10JT The Bigga Figga "Game Recognize Game"170
11The Team "It's Getting Hot"163
12Taj-He-Spitz "D.O.P."162
13Keep It 100 "Night to Remember"150
14Goldtoes "Nothside Soldier"145
15T.W.D.Y. "Player's Holiday"144
16Reality SF Music "Spirit Breathe"142
17Promoter Jay "Streets Hot (feat. Slimmy B, Lil Shiek & Lil Joey)"141
18WOODIE, LOU-E-LOU, LIL' DEE "Bury Me On East 18th Street"141
19Jimmy Roses "Who Rock The Party"136
20Krypto "Who Is That? (feat. Husalah)"136
21Hugh E MC "H-Nigga Groove"136
22M.G "Sweet Honesty"136
23Young Cellski "Livin In The Bay"134
24Nat Kendall "Govinda Amrita"125
25Crystal "All of These Thoughts"122
26Yase "Pull Up"122
27Cisco "Take Me Higher"119
28Cash The Fast Guna "Feelin Myself Remix (feat. Keak da Sneak & Cash the Fast Guna)"118
29Turf Talk "It's a Slumper"117
30Team Knoc "On My Mamma"116
31BLUEFACEKIDZ "Make a Way"108
32The Frontline "Bang It!"106
33Keak Da Sneak, Mac Dre, & Dola Ike "Tell Me How It Feels"105
34Down For Brown "Sideways"104
35J-Easie "Cali Shit"104
36B-Slew "Fuck Around"103
37Projekt X "AirBNB"102
38"Louie Loc" "Black N Brown"102
39Black Mafia "Smoke Wit' Me"102
40Nolan Rashawn "Stay Wit Me (feat. Mike-Dash-E)"102
41ReeceBeats "Wayy Up"102
42WOODIE/ LIL' LOS "Open Woundz"100
43Lil Bean "Side of Me"99
44Benny "Myself"98
45Bllaine "Curry"98
46Banga "Break a Hoe"98
47Benny "So Gone (feat. Young Dant')"98
48C.F.O.P.A. "Ass"98
49Lil Shiek "Flights"97
5051.50 Illegally Insane "Bump-a-Bitch"97
51Federation "Hyphy (with E-40 verse) - Feat. E-40; Explicit"94
52Gary Junior "Tell Me Pt.2"94
53Television Spies "Picture of You"94
54BussDown Bandy "Bussdown Critical (feat. ShooterGang Jojo)"94
55Nat Lefkoff "Damn"94
56Carillo "X4 Drugdealaz"94
57Inevitable Pinay "Next Time"92
58Outrageous Karina "Good at This"91
59Doscha "Colder Than a Blizzard"91
60Tic Toc "Twist of Fonk (feat. Dave C)"88
61Azuah "I Don't Care"88
62Big Rich "That's The Business"88
63Jae Synth "Sheymago (feat. Mac Dre, J-Diggs, Mr. $krillz & Reek Daddy)"88
64La Meta "El Parotas"88
65BIG TONE/ MEGAN "That Good Life"87
66Erk Tha Jerk "Right Here - Dirty Version"86
67Yhung C.E.O "Ballin' (feat. Slimmy B, Iamsu!, Yhung T.O. & Derek King)"86
68Lucia Giannetta "Look to Your Heart - Reprise"85
69Ymtk "Assistance (feat. P-Lo & Rexx Life Raj)"85
70YOUNG A.Z., LOU-E-LOU, WOODIE "Savagez"84
71Mac Dre & Miami Tha Most "Stupid"83
72Same Girls "Sailing"83
73Bradley Gibson "Ain't It the Truth - Reprise"83
74Pardoner "Blue Hell"83
75Rossi "Down For The Click (feat. Mike Dash-E, Dave Steezy)"83
76The Jacka & Berner "Dirty"82
77Young J "Jock'n (feat. Mike Sherm)"81
78Gman Lul T "Right (feat. Mike Sherm & Gbo Lean)"79
79AP.9 "The Grinch"79
80Young Bari "Grew Up (feat. Iamsu! & FlowThaSinger)"78
81Trill Youngin Capolow "Drank On Me"78
82Jared Harper "Running After You"78
83Maycee "Faded (feat. Chaz French)"78
84Reak Talk "Hatin On A Playa"78
85SAM STOVIE "Trippin Sippin"78
86Seagram "The Town"78
87Vital "Let Yourself Go"78
88Willie Henn "In the Dark"78
89Jessica Rabbit "Cognac Dreams"78
90Dj Gutta Butta "U Ain’t Ready"78
91Jayy Hitta "Ain't No Fun"78
92Sg "Flockin'"77
93Danny Stunner "Bust"76
94The Cutthoat Committe "Song 4 U"75
95415 "Side Show"74
96Marc Bamuthi Joseph "Stories For Freedom"74
97Ayem "Flexin n Finessin (feat. Mike Sherm & 2uesday)"74
98Da'Unda'Dogg "Back to the Basics"73
99Quinn DeVeaux "Won't Leave You Alone"73
100Sckitzo Felonz "Blue Rags Get Guap"73

alchemy by glenn mcdonald / @everynoise for Spotify, listening by the world