Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Birkirkara   Birkirkara
Birkirkara   Birkirkara
house concert   playlist
1Julie & Ludwig "On Again ... Off Again - ESC 2004"49
2Mike Spiteri "Keep me in mind"49
3Scream Daisy "Room 7"49
4Xtruppaw "Glorja Tonna"46
5Big Band Brothers "Xemx"42
6Dav.Jr "Carry"41
7Mary Spiteri "Little Child"39
8ManaTapu "Mur Imma Mur"38
9215Collective "Feel About It (feat. Eddie Fresco, Caro & Yannick)"34
10Shedona "Lately"34
11Chasing Pandora "Memories"33
12Claudette Pace "Desire - Eurovision Mix"28
13Freddie Portelli "Flimkien"27
14Airport Impressions "Walk with Me"27
15Janice Mangion "Kewkba"22
16Carl Bee "Pacer"18
17Winter Moods "Everlasting"10
18The New Victorians "Me & You"7
19Fabrizio Faniello "Sa L-Ahhar"4
20CHEF "The Wire (Interlude)"2

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