Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Dublin   Leinster
Dublin   Leinster
house concert   playlist
1Blondmodel "Phonecall"1553
2Dan Elliott "Only Ever Been You"1520
3Mark McCabe "Over Me"1257
4Karl Mac "She - Bissett Remix"1165
5Stockton's Wing "Beautiful Affair"1132
6Nealo "Just My Luck"1065
7Alex & Echoes "Weeping Ink"1027
8Six "There's A Whole Lotta Lovin' Going On"984
9Conor Clinch "Monroe"977
10John Faulkner "Galway Bay"966
11Maria Byrne "Follow You Follow Me"935
12JAMIE FREED "I Don't Need You"935
13Larry Alabi "Go Getter"914
14Reggie "Risk It"901
15YZ "Pcx's and Japs"880
16The Fat Lady Sings "Arclight"866
17The Walls "To the Bright and Shining Sun"859
18Ryan Mack "Sofa"855
19Barry Kirwan "Up the Jive"848
20Cubez "Fix My Ring"845
21Lavengro "Think"818
22Busta Bill "Sunny"768
23Liam Reilly "Summer In Dublin"714
24An Criú Craiceáilte "Is Maith Liom Techno"697
25Paul Noonan "Some Surprise - Live at Today FM"696
26True Tides "Automatic"688
27Cry Before Dawn "Gone Forever"682
28Philip Noone "The Galway Shawl"680
29Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club "True Friends"676
30The Cake Sale "Some Surprise"672
31The Rattling Kind "All Around the Town"668
32Skinner "Headroom"667
33Picturehouse "Sunburst"667
34Shan-Nos "Go on Home British Soldiers"659
35Shane Richardson "Since Then"659
36This Club "I Won't Worry - Original"654
37Tell No Foxx "Dust (Daithi Remix)"635
38Róisín O "Give It Up"632
39T.P.M. "Fuck RTÉ"627
40Hugo Duncan "Come Down The Mountain Katie Daly"627
41Av9 "Wahala"610
42Interceptor "Interceptor 17 (Original)"604
43Rose "Doomsday"589
44Denise Chaila "Copper Bullet"588
45Luke Hyland "I Want You"579
46Niall Murphy "Put Em Under Pressure"578
47Fallen Lights "Extra Time"576
48Pauric O Meara "Maniac"574
49Louise Morrissey "Feelin' Single, Seein' Double"567
50D24 "Gbese"556
51Joe Lynch "On the Banks of My Own Lovely Lee"552
52The Goblins Lair "Space Invaders"549
53The Wha "Innocents"548
54Palace "Vision"544
55Jah1 "Mr. Makita"544
56Sinéad Lohan "To Ramona"543
57Aslan "This Is – Aslan 1986"519
58Brian Roebuck "O Ró Sédo Bheatha Bhaile"518
59Eleanor McEvoy "A Woman's Heart"512
60Brendan Bowyer "Boolavogue"509
61Frank Patterson "Danny Boy"509
6210dough "Quarta"502
63Ciarán Rosney "Found"499
64Max T. Barnes "The Craic (feat. Johnny Brady)"496
65Mango "Badman"492
66Hazey Haze "What's That"486
67King Kong Company "Donkey Jaw"484
68HomeTown "Where I Belong"483
69Host "Taste of Your Love"482
70Conductor & The Cowboy "Feeling This Way [ASOT 657] - Bryan Kearney & Adam Ellis Remix"478
71T.E.D "Shawty"478
72Patrick Cassidy "Mise Éire"476
73Sheerbuzz "Old Town River"474
74Sarah Buckley "You've Got Me"474
75Dania "Don Corleone"463
76Sir Stevo "Panic Attack (Gimme the Xanax) [feat. Bizarre]"460
77Oliver Conlon Music "The Twincam Song"459
78K & K "Peaceful Crowd"458
79D. Cullen "The Rising Tide"453
80Pelvis "Dance Freak - Mall Grab's Workers Union RMX"453
81Jess Leen "Boys"450
82Toshín "Love & Defeat"449
83Dominic Behan "Dicey Riley"439
84Junior Brother "The Back of Her"438
85Whipping Boy "When We Were Young"437
86Duke Special "Freewheel"421
87DJ Kwest "Love To Ecstacy - Rhythmic Groove Remix"421
88Super Céilí "Fionnghuala (Remix) [Super Céilí vs. Symphonic]"420
89D15 YZ "Drake and Josh"419
90Seo Linn "The Irish Roar"408
91Snowy "My Block"406
92Micheal O Suilleabhain "Woodbrook"404
93Moylan "On the Right Side"403
94Just Wondering "Cul"402
95The Elective "Genuine"395
96Bissett "Take Me Away"395
97De Danann All-Stars "My Irish Molly-O"392
98Christopher Halligan "Shallow"391
99Lori True "May the Road Rise to Meet You"388
100Sim Simma Soundsystem "Man Like Me"387

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