Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Dublin   Leinster
Dublin   Leinster
Cork   Munster
house concert   playlist
1Rob de Boer "Little Big Brother"1680
2Lavengro "Think"1511
3Stockton's Wing "Beautiful Affair"1259
4Maria Byrne "Follow You Follow Me"1083
5Yellow Season "Can You Feel It"997
6John Faulkner "Galway Bay"934
7Six "There's A Whole Lotta Lovin' Going On"919
8Tell No Foxx "Dust (Daithi Remix)"892
9Róisín O "Give It Up"878
10The Fat Lady Sings "Arclight"858
11Paul Noonan "Some Surprise - Live at Today FM"815
12Larry Alabi "Never Resting - Tee Grizzly Remix"814
13The Walls "To the Bright and Shining Sun"808
14Rhythm & Sticks "Murphy"797
15Picturehouse "Sunburst"779
16Barry Kirwan "Up the Jive"775
17Autamata "Liberty Bell"772
18Patrick Cassidy "Mise Éire"758
19Mango "Badman"749
20HomeTown "Where I Belong"688
21Shane Owens "Walking On The Waves"682
22RAJI Music "Good Afternoon"675
23Street Lights "Homeward Bound"607
24An Criú Craiceáilte "Is Maith Liom Techno"590
25Frances Black "All the Lies That You Told Me"589
26Patsy Watchorn "The Ferryman"587
27Dennie Valentino "Riot"584
28Philip Noone "The Galway Shawl"581
29Somebody's Child "Make You Alright"559
30DJ Kwest "Love To Ecstacy - Rhythmic Groove Remix"551
31The Rattling Kind "All Around the Town"550
32Patrick Bergin "Switzer's Window (In Aid of Barnardos)"546
33Search Party Animal "Enemies"536
34Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club "True Friends"536
35This Club "I Won't Worry - Original"519
36Justiy "Dance (In to the Unknown)"518
37Whipping Boy "When We Were Young"516
38The Slut Club "Cool :)"513
39Hugo Duncan "Come Down The Mountain Katie Daly"511
40Celaviedmai "Dive"508
41Symphonic "Fionnghuala (Music from the eir Commercial) [feat. Inis]"503
42Fallen Lights "It's Too Late"501
43SIIGHTS "Broke It With Me (Konmak x Marty Remix)"499
44Jonah Class "Ultimatum"498
45Super Céilí "Fionnghuala (Remix) [Super Céilí vs. Symphonic]"494
46Aslan "This Is – Aslan 1986"492
47Luka Palm "San Pelly"484
48Roland Leesker "My Warehouse"481
49Liam Reilly "Summer In Dublin"479
50Dania "Don Corleone"478
51Off the Kuff "Can't Wait for June"478
52Micheal O Suilleabhain "Woodbrook"476
53Rte 2fm's Breakfast Republic "Stand up for the Baby Jesus (Olé, Olé, Olé)"470
54Kendino "Switching Lanes"470
55The Cake Sale "Some Surprise"465
56Duke Special "Freewheel"462
57King Kong Company "Donkey Jaw"460
58Niall Murphy "Put Em Under Pressure"458
59Sibéal "The Parting Glass - Live At Abbey Road Studios, UK / 2018"456
60Erica Cody "Good Intentions"449
61ELKAE "Sold"448
62Oliver Conlon Music "The Twincam Song"445
63Ryan Mack "I Don't Wanna"442
64Brendan Bowyer "Boolavogue"440
65Av9 "Wahala"438
66D24 "Gbese"437
67Junior Brother "The Back of Her"435
68Pauric O Meara "Maniac"434
69Cry Before Dawn "Gone Forever"433
70K & K "Peaceful Crowd"430
71D15 YZ "Drake and Josh"429
72De Danann All-Stars "My Irish Molly-O"425
73Heroes in Hiding "Hospital"423
74Lori True "May the Road Rise to Meet You"422
75Grievous "Fade Away"420
76Micky Morrissey "When We Were Young"419
77Moving Hearts "Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette"417
78Jakey "Dami Duro"416
79Joe Lynch "On the Banks of My Own Lovely Lee"412
801000 Beasts "Trust Me"408
81T.E.D "Shawty"408
82Josh Keating "Not About Angels"407
83Av9 Rose "Doomsday"401
84Aaron J "Show Pain"395
85The Pale "Butterfly"393
86Louise Morrissey "Feelin' Single, Seein' Double"393
87Mama's Boys "Needle In The Groove"392
88The Malarkey Brothers "Ratlin' Bog"391
89Larry Cunningham "Lovely Leitrim"390
90Interceptor "Interceptor 17 (Original)"386
91Shan-Nos "Go on Home British Soldiers"384
92Loah "Nothing"383
93Brian Roebuck "O Ró Sédo Bheatha Bhaile"383
94Palace "Vision"378
95Frank Patterson "Danny Boy"372
96Ye Vagabonds "Lowlands Of Holland"369
97Sinéad Lohan "To Ramona"367
98Kryan "Grafton Street Lights"361
99Jim Devine "Ireland's Turning Country"359
100Darcy Faith "Casual"354

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