Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Dublin   Leinster
Dublin   Leinster
house concert   playlist
1Karl Mac "She - Bissett Remix"1493
2Vanchi Ferrari "Best Friend"1150
3Stockton's Wing "Beautiful Affair"1114
4Six "There's A Whole Lotta Lovin' Going On"1085
5Fynch "Saipan"1075
6John Faulkner "Galway Bay"1069
7JugJug "Ten Toes"1067
8Colmans Stand Together "Lean On Me"1051
9John Gaughan "Four Years"954
10The Walls "To the Bright and Shining Sun"945
11Fallen Lights "Extra Time"916
12The Fat Lady Sings "Arclight"912
13An Criú Craiceáilte "Is Maith Liom Techno"910
14Philip Noone "The Galway Shawl"892
15Maria Byrne "Follow You Follow Me"871
16Paddy Mahon "Crossroads"865
17Lavengro "Think"845
18True Tides "Automatic"780
19Cubez "Fix My Ring"743
20Picturehouse "Sunburst"742
21Alex & Echoes "Weeping Ink"741
22Shan-Nos "Go on Home British Soldiers"721
23Liam Reilly "Summer In Dublin"715
24Brendan Bowyer "Boolavogue"714
25Hugo Duncan "Come Down The Mountain Katie Daly"713
26Daire Patel "Lost"709
27Skripteh "Secure the Bag"705
28Av9 Chuks "Gsp"682
29Reggie "Risk It"670
30Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club "True Friends"665
31Rose9 "Life I Live"660
32Daz "Keep It Real"648
33Tell No Foxx "Dust (Daithi Remix)"639
34Rose "Doomsday"631
35Joe Lynch "On the Banks of My Own Lovely Lee"620
36Larry Alabi "Go Getter"616
37Patrick Cassidy "Mise Éire"615
38Lisa Keane "Colours"615
39Luka Palm "Nightlink"612
40Niall Murphy "Put Em Under Pressure"609
41Paul Noonan "Some Surprise - Live at Today FM"596
42Cry Before Dawn "Gone Forever"589
43T.E.D "Shawty"587
44Róisín O "Give It Up"582
45Av9 "Wahala"581
46JAMIE FREED "I Don't Need You"581
47The Rattling Kind "All Around the Town"580
48HomeTown "Where I Belong"574
49DJ Haus "Turn the Box Up - KETTAMA Graveyard Mix"558
50YZ "Pcx's and Japs"557
51Dominic Behan "Dicey Riley"555
52DJ Kwest "Love To Ecstacy - Rhythmic Groove Remix"553
53April "Know Too Well"538
54Louise Morrissey "Feelin' Single, Seein' Double"535
55Oliver Conlon Music "The Twincam Song"534
56Snowy "My Block"524
57Meghan Murray "Broken Ladders"524
58Ciarán Rosney "Found"522
59Thanks Brother "We Caught It"518
60Symphonic "Fionnghuala (Music from the eir Commercial) [feat. Inis]"518
61Host "Taste of Your Love"513
62Aaron J "Show Pain"507
63Micheal O Suilleabhain "Woodbrook"506
64Aslan "This Is – Aslan 1986"504
65Frank Patterson "Danny Boy"500
66notions "so wrong"500
67Lyndsey Lawlor "Eat the Money"494
68Fair Isle Folk "The Rooster"489
69Sibéal "The Parting Glass - Live At Abbey Road Studios"486
70This Club "I Won't Worry - Original"478
71U.M.A.N "Flamin' day"473
72De Danann All-Stars "My Irish Molly-O"472
73Eleanor McEvoy "A Woman's Heart"466
74The Davitt Country Band "Beautiful Affair"466
75Sinéad Lohan "To Ramona"465
76Caera "Báidín Fheilimí"463
77Interceptor "Interceptor 17 (Original)"458
78Brian Roebuck "O Ró Sédo Bheatha Bhaile"457
79Seo Linn "The Irish Roar"456
80Max T. Barnes "The Craic (feat. Johnny Brady)"455
81Moving Hearts "Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette"454
82Paj "Friends Confused"454
83Ewan McVicar "The Realm"453
84TPM "Fuck RTÉ"453
85D24 "Gbese"450
86Duke Special "Freewheel"450
87Photonz "Osiris Resurrected - Palms Trax Remix"446
88King Kong Company "Donkey Jaw"443
89The Cake Sale "Some Surprise"440
90Malaki "J.A.C.K."437
91The Pale "Butterfly"435
921000 Beasts "Want"433
93Fio Fa "In To Da Groove"431
94Conal Gallen "Horse It into Ya, Cynthia"427
95Jack Hughes "Selfless"425
96Conor Clinch "Monroe"416
97Pelvis "Dance Freak - Mall Grab's Workers Union RMX"410
98Pauric O Meara "Maniac"410
99The Felonies "You're so Dark"410
100Super Céilí "Fionnghuala (Remix) [Super Céilí vs. Symphonic]"408

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