Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
London   England
London   England
Glasgow   Scotland
Birmingham   England
Nottingham   England
Southampton   England
Manchester   England
Hengoed   Wales
Bristol   England
Edinburgh   Scotland
Liverpool   England
Leeds   England
Sheffield   England
Cardiff   Wales
Belfast   Northern Ireland
Leicester   England
Brighton   England
Reading   England
Coventry   England
Norwich   England
Aberdeen   Scotland
Oxford   England
Cambridge   England
Portsmouth   England
Dundee   Scotland
Bangor   Wales
Caernarfon   Wales
house concert   playlist
1Perempay "In the Air (feat. Katie Pearl)"615
2Swiss "Cry"561
3Bizzi "Bizzi's Party - Booker T Vocal Lick"522
4D-Malice "Gabryelle (Refix)"454
5E.S. Dubs "Standard Hoodlum Issue"439
6TJ Cases feat. Kat Blu "Do It Again"436
7Jon E Cash "Cash Beat AKA : Hoods Up Dub"433
8Gerideau "Masquerade - MJ Cole Vocal"420
9Soundbwoy Ent. "Never Wanna Say"416
1023 Deluxe "Show Me Happiness - Radio Edit"399
11Cage "Creeper"395
12Somore "I Refuse (What You Want) - Industry Standard Radio Mix"390
13Sheila Atim "Tight Connection to My Heart"388
14Jammin "Go DJ"388
15Redz "Shundori Furi Goh"385
16ItsNate "Nocturnal"384
17Leviticus "The Burial"380
18Fr3e "Tribal Skank - Radio Mix"372
19Treble Clef "Ghetto Kyote"370
20Woosh "Why"360
2125 Hour Experience "Together"358
22Geeneus "As I (feat. Katy B)"356
23Mia Nicolai "At Last"354
24Princess Nyah "Frontline"350
25Ramsey & Fen "Love Bug - Original Bump Mix"347
26Naira Marley feat. Max Twigz "Marry Juana - Dirty"347
27TS "Trap Stack"342
28Kray Twins "What We Do"339
29Franzo "Tell Me"338
30Danny J Lewis "Spend the Night - H Man Dub"333
31The Fives "What You Do (Hottest By Far)"331
32Lion I "Wine Up"329
33Aran Macrae "Not Allowed To Love"327
34Tammie "Best You Ever Had"326
35Genius Cru "Boom Selection"325
36JELLY ELEPHANT "Everywhere"323
37True Steppers "Out of Your Mind - Radio Edit"323
38Crazy Titch "Singalong"323
39David Morales Presents The Face "Needin' U - Original Mistake"320
40Vincent Darby "Get Away"319
41Glox "She Sutten Else"317
42Funky Dee "Are You Gunna Bang Doe?"314
43DJ Scyther "Badda Than"313
44Lisa Maffia "All Over"312
45Da Click "Good Rhymes"310
46DJ Footloose "So Dangerous - Radio Edit"309
47Shaqy dread "BASHDRILL"309
48Sparkz "Thats Funny"308
49DJ Naughty "Quicktime - Roska Mix"308
50Kofi Stone "Stories In Pyjamas"303
51Jay Slapit "Stepped in"300
52Just Shy "Body Language"297
53T1 "Lightwork Freestyle"296
54The Beat feat. Ranking Roger "Side to Side"293
55Terencia 'TC' Coward "Wrong Name (Kim)"291
5686 Scrams "Fresh from Holiday"287
57Sharon D Clarke "Tough Man"287
58Sxintclair "Easy On Me"287
59Raze "Break for Love"286
60Smallzz "What's Your Name (feat. Pryme Kingz)"285
61Run June! "Sweet Break"284
62Action "What's Happened?"284
63Sneakbo,Mostack & J Spades "Right Now"284
64Bruza "Get Me"284
65Dem 2 "Destiny"283
66Jus D "No Way"282
67Smooth "Undercover Lover"281
68Castillo_1st "Mula"280
69Master Stepz "Melody"279
70T Face "Hermione"279
71Blackjack "Girls Love Nasty"278
72Pay As U Go "Champagne Dance - Brown Acid Radio Edit"278
73Roska "Over You"278
74Sly X Yra "Know My Name"276
75Kieran Armitage "heights"275
76The Purist "Silian Braille"274
77Lewi "Ricky"274
78LMP "Yellow - Original Mix"273
79PM "In Da Jungle"273
80Lights "Vibe We Bring"271
81Lzz "Another Drill"270
82Jah-K "Dumber & Dumber"270
83Mark Asari "Ain't Gotta Talk"270
84Rayce "Jack Sparrow"268
85Ms Scandalous "Hai Hai (Original Mix)"268
86Y.ACG Striker "Striker - Critical"268
87Robin M "Thanks To You (feat. Alika)"266
88Sam Reid "I Want You"266
89Aksrilis "Ah Yeah"266
90Poppy "De Ja Vu"264
91NuBirth "Anytime"263
92N.A.S.T.Y. "Girls Love N.A.S.T.Y."262
93Kayi "Playground Freestyle"262
94Bailey "Playing With Fire"262
95Jean Jaques Smoothie "2 People - Carnao Beats Remix"259
96Bimbi Philips "Duro Dada"259
97Jp Tronik ft Ashman "Jungle Skank 2010"259
98Pac "Park Up"258
99REECO "My Lady"258
100Joe James "Mumzy"258

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