Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
London   England
London   England
Glasgow   Scotland
Birmingham   England
Nottingham   England
Cardiff   Wales
Manchester   England
Basingstoke   England
Dagenham   England
Bristol   England
Liverpool   England
Edinburgh   Scotland
Leeds   England
Sheffield   England
Belfast   Northern Ireland
Leicester   England
Southampton   England
Brighton   England
Coventry   England
Stoke-on-Trent   England
Reading   England
Norwich   England
Aberdeen   Scotland
Cambridge   England
Northampton   England
Oxford   England
Hull   England
York   England
Ipswich   England
Stockton-on-Tees   England
Bath   England
Middlesbrough   England
Bangor   Wales
Caernarfon   Wales
house concert   playlist
1Glowe "Realise"357
2Trapz "Say My Grace (feat. Kojo Funds)"331
3Allana Verde "12:01 A.M."325
4Doolally "Straight From The Heart (Radio Edit)"324
5Carl Smallz "Match Fit"313
6Leviticus "The Burial"313
7Once Waz Nice "Messin Around (Wideboys Remix)"311
8EazyMan "We Certi"303
9AMR "Gettin Lit"296
10XTC "Functions On The Low"296
11Harry Crane "Behave"295
12Danny J Lewis "Spend the Night - H Man Dub"294
13Ramsey & Fen "Love Bug - Original Bump Mix"294
14SP Montiz "Fast"284
1623 Deluxe "Show Me Happiness - Radio Edit"280
17F1 "Designer"277
18Treble Clef "Ghetto Kyote"276
19RDB feat. Gubi Sandhu & Tips MC "Dil Karda"275
20Young Ty "No Love"275
21Spookzville "Judge Me"272
22Da Click "Good Rhymes"269
23Funky Dee "Are You Gunna Bang Doe?"268
24Gerideau "Masquerade - MJ Cole Vocal"267
25Soundbwoy Ent. "Never Wanna Say"266
26Fabien Darcy "1995"264
27Archy Moor "Moonboy"264
28Genius Cru "Boom Selection"263
29Talk Show "Fast and Loud"262
30SIGEOL "Youngest In Charge Pt 2"261
31Mike Skinner "You Better Be"258
32Kuma Overdose "Bike Lane"255
33Safe To Swim "Make Things Like They Used to Be"255
34D-Malice "Gabryelle (Refix)"253
35Nu Brand "Gash by Hour"252
36Kimbo "A Million"252
37TJ Cases feat. Kat Blu "Do It Again"251
38Agent X "Decoy"250
39Crazy Titch "Singalong"249
40Princess Nyah "Frontline"249
41Blackjack "Girls Love Nasty"244
42Vandebilt "Dream in Colour"244
43G Smarko "Bubu Face"243
44The New English Beat "Side To Side"243
45Malv "Let Go"242
46Chin "Earned It"242
47Hurricane "Hittaz"241
48Sneakbo,Mostack & J Spades "Right Now"241
49Soze "Twinning 2"241
50E.S. Dubs "Standard Hoodlum Issue"241
51Kray Twins "What We Do"241
52TS "Trap Stack"241
53Richard x "Finest Dreams"240
54Geeneus "As I (feat. Katy B)"240
55Youngstar "Pulse X"239
56Sigeol "Amber"239
57Tempa "That Feeling"238
58S Boogie "Faith"238
59Ironlung "Excuses"238
60Scott & Leon "You Used to Hold Me - Original Mix"235
61LOSKI X SHORTA "War Ready (3TG)"234
62Enigma "Snowing"234
63LMP "Yellow - Original Mix"233
64Rebound X "Rhythm & Gash - Sir Spyro Remix"233
65Izu "Baddie"232
66Ceeks "Leader"232
67Woosh "Why"231
68Tracie Bennett "I'm Still Here"231
69Paro "Freak"230
70M Lo "Be Somebody"230
71Marc D "Sawsy"229
72Roundi304 "Holla Me"227
73BMD "North Weezie"227
74Joel Stewart "For the Very First Time"225
75Jon E Cash "Cash Beat AKA : Hoods Up Dub"225
76Lee-Cabrera "Shake It (Move A Little Closer) (feat. Alex Cartana) - Extended Vocal Mix"225
77Jordzz "Forte"225
78Jamie Joseph "Regularly"225
79The Purist "Silian Braille"224
80Zinc "Flim"224
81Nasty Crew "Cock Back"224
82Peter Xan "Dopamine"224
83Central Cee "TRANSITION"223
84Biyi "Good Intentions"222
85Alista Marq "No Chanel"221
86NuBirth "Anytime"220
87Sub Killaz "Shock Out"220
88AdeJosh "Issa Vibe (Dun Know)"220
89Ammi Boyz "Get Around"219
90The Automatic "Steve McQueen"219
91David Morales Presents The Face "Needin' U - Original Mistake"219
92Fines$e "Home In A Minute"218
93Jags "Back Of My Hand"217
94Sabella "Fortress - Blinkie Remix"216
95Marko Kun "Been Higher"216
96RDB feat. Kuldeep Purewal & Singh MC "Balle Balle"216
97BK298 "Sing"215
98T From T "Proper"215
99Nu Birth "Anytime"214
100ACE "Plenty"214

alchemy by glenn mcdonald / @everynoise for Spotify, listening by the world