Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Toronto   Ontario
Toronto   Ontario
Montreal   Quebec
Vancouver   British Columbia
Edmonton   Alberta
Calgary   Alberta
Winnipeg   Manitoba
Surrey   British Columbia
Mississauga   Ontario
Ottawa   Ontario
Québec   Quebec
Brampton   Ontario
London   Ontario
Halifax   Nova Scotia
Scarborough   Ontario
Victoria   British Columbia
Hamilton   Ontario
Laval   Quebec
Kitchener   Ontario
Regina   Saskatchewan
Saskatoon   Saskatchewan
Oakville   Ontario
Windsor   Ontario
Kingston   Ontario
Kelowna   British Columbia
Gatineau   Quebec
Moncton   New Brunswick
Sherbrooke   Quebec
St. John's   Newfoundland and Labrador
Mount Pearl   Newfoundland and Labrador
house concert   playlist
1Bvlly "No Light Bag"605
2Joee "Angel - Angelic Mix"571
3DMG "Wit My Drip"552
4Ron Hawkins "Peace And Quiet"535
5RELLY "Winning"497
6Iraq "Roll With Me"474
7Yung Lava "Conversations (BFR Diss)"456
8Jaay Cee "Made Men"435
9Pounds "2 Many"431
10AbduL "Uh Uh"429
11Intonation Feat. Joee "Feel It In The Air (Freestyle Mix)"416
12Brizzle la Musica "My Ends"401
13KAPRI "Deeper"396
14Cassius X "Get It In"384
15YB Tak30ver "Fix Up"382
16Mo Bands "Wizzy"382
17Devon Francis "No More (feat. Jayy Brown)"364
18Choclair "Let's Ride"361
19Aselin Debison "The Gift"344
20Bally "Pyrex"328
21BP "Who's Dat"323
22Frozen Ghost "Dream Come True"323
23Pirate Radio "Come on Over"313
24Point Blank "Born And Raised In The Ghetto"313
25Tjin "Forward"310
26Jimmy Prime "Humana (feat. Donnie & Smoke Dawg)"309
27Longo & Wainwright "One Life Stand - Radio Edit"303
28Mondano "Feelin' Good - Mondano Mix"302
29November "Before November (Love Me)"302
30Lil Bucky "Tempo"298
31Duvy "5am"290
32Tizzy "My Section (feat. Stenno)"286
33Keelow "By Myself"284
34King Subeir "Game Plan"283
35Carlisle "For the Fam (feat. Lil Berete)"282
36TheFreshMen "Wan Do"279
37Elyse Saunders "Rise - Danny D Remix"276
38PRINCELY "I'm Good"275
39Emma Lokai "She'll Know"269
40Malachi Vale "Gypsy Rose"266
41Benita "Anything"266
42Surauchie "Sometimes"259
43Blue Peter "Don't Walk Past"258
44T-Dawg "Cocaine Civic"258
45A.Y.E. "Don't Blow My High"256
46Stacccs "Whippin' n Shockin'"255
47Alexandria Maillot "Messed It Up"255
48Diizzy "Big Moves"253
49Jonah Yano "Rolex, the Ocean"251
50Highs "NYC"245
51DCF "Mission 2 Mars (feat. Harrison & Merival)"244
52Young Loaft "Hold Up"243
53Colyn Cameron "Loss for Words"243
54Devon Tracy "Choosin (feat. Gunna)"243
55Krief "Daydream Lover"242
56Maestro Fresh Wes "Conductin’ Thangs"242
57Money Mitch "Traffic"241
58Jiants "Realign"241
59Pete Alauk "Talk"237
60Kris the $pirit "LEMONADE"236
61Samurai Champs "Still Mine"235
62OFG "Fear God"234
63Roshin "Name & Number"233
64Star "Upset Me (feat. Pressa)"233
65Jonny Brown "Tempo"233
66Conrad The Third "Don't"231
67Daisy Dee "Headbone Connected - Euro Mix"230
68Yung Drilla YG "Trap Lord"228
69Drizzzy "Strapped Up"226
70Ephram "Hold"226
71Huey & TK "Hot"226
72Soodope "Confetti"225
73Tom-E "Darkness to Light - Radio Version"225
74Slic Vic "Lose My Cool"223
75Sauna "Over"223
76The Falling "Never Gonna Let You Down"223
77Goodzz "Tip Toeing"223
78Jelleestone "Money Pt. 1"222
79Two Two "Ball"221
80Zach Oliver "You and Me"221
81A Foot In Coldwater "(Make Me Do) Anything You Want"219
82KAKA "Pizza"218
83Mode Moderne "Doomy Daydream"217
84Tali "Comfortable in Another Bed"215
85Stk 9 "Alone"215
86Toito "Lights On"213
87ELJAY "Overfaded"213
88Terell Safadi "In the City"213
89Chrizzo & Maxim "Runaway (feat. Amanda Wilson) - Ian Carey Remix"212
90A'Donzo "Midnight Seclusion"211
916wade "Matching My Fly"210
92Jully Black "Seven Day Fool"210
93Blacka Da Don "Back Now"207
94KVE. "Good Kid Bad Influence"206
95Luca Debonaire & DJ Falk "Get Down In The Sunshine - Radio Edit"206
96Lhasa Petik "This Heart"205
97Lvl One Hero "Company"205
98Texas King "Boomerang"203
99Tony James "Sweat Slow"203
100Iceman "Bout My Money (feat. Jigsaw)"201

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