Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Brussels   Brussels Capital
Brussels   Brussels Capital
Antwerp   Flanders
Ghent   Flanders
Liège   Wallonia
Leuven   Flanders
Bruges   Flanders
house concert   playlist
1Tijs Vanneste "Soms"828
2At The Villa People "Open Your Eyes"587
3Flore "Moon"494
4Carat Trax II "The Message"473
5Scorpio Rising "Nagasaki - Original Mix"469
6Monotone "Monotone"432
7Sonic Inc "The Taste Of Summer - Fire & Ice Vital Remix"431
8Embargo "Embargo"422
9Negatif Clan "Boma Ye"417
10Good Shape "Take My Love"402
11Natural Born Deejays "A Good Day"394
12Public Energy "Three O' Three"383
13Monotone "Monotone - Original DJ Serch & Pascal Mix"383
14C.M. "Dream Universe - Original Mix"379
15Peyote "Alcatraz"370
16Pablo Andres "L'Agent Verhaegen: #UPCT"359
17Da Rick "Rumble"357
18Krid Snero "White Line - Original"343
19The Moon "Blow Up the Speakers - Vocal Radio Edit"342
20Scala "Life On Mars"342
21Dholes "My Own Will"342
22Papa Keke "Benga Ye"332
23Kamping Kitsch Club Soundsystem "'t Is ne levensstijl"331
24Marco Joosten "Violin de la Nuit - Marco Joosten Original Classic Mix"330
25CM "Dream Universe - After On Sunday DJ George's Mix"327
26Jacky Core "Drop That Beat - Original Ixxel Cover"325
27Trancescape "Producelast - Radio Edit"323
28Marco Bailey "Sniff"311
29Praga Khan "Breakfast In Vegas - Radio Version"310
30Karlos Mendes "Sex a Phone - Original"306
31Jones "The First Rebirth - Original Mix"299
32Atome "Caméléon"294
33$paceboys "Let Me Tell You"290
34Tales Of DJ Philip "All Night Long"290
35Gunther D "Allejoppa"284
36Goldaze "Lights of My Hometown"283
37Sunday Charmers "All There Is to Me"279
38Bountyhunter "Woops - Original Remastered Mix"277
39DJ Yolotanker "Dance With the Devils"277
40Les ménestrels de Gérardmer "Saint Nicolas"269
41Zippora "Lotus Eater - Original Radio Edit"260
42Mory Klein "Kick That Bass - Club Mix"258
43David Antoine "Un Noël parfait"254
44Krapoel In Axe "Zaterdag"253
45Sttellla "Torremolinos"249
46Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Coone & Lil Jon "Madness"246
47Glauque "Robot"245
48ZwartWerk "Dance With The Devils"241
49Michael Forzza "Kahana"239
50DJ Peter Project "2 New-York - Hard Da Flip Radio Mix"236
51Beverly Jo Scott "If I Ruled the World"236
52Joe T Vannelli "Play With The Voice - In USA"234
53Johannes Genard "Honeybee - Live"233
54DJ Coone "The Return"231
55Belgian Asociality "Morregen"230
56Trancelucent "Lonely - Radio Edit"229
57Lambda "Hold On Tight - Original"228
58Plexus "Cactus Rhythm - Mike Ferlin Mix"224
59Phi-Phi "Jesus Trip"221
60Samantha Fu "Theme From Discotheque"220
61Geeeko "Cocktail"220
62Party Harders "The Pope Of Dope"219
63Billie "Give Me The Knife - Radio Edit"217
64Bolz Bolz "Take a Walk - Dima neo-romatic Remix"217
65The Neon Judgement "Tv Treated"214
66Dave Kane "Zero Plus - DJ Wout Remix"212
67Cherry Moon Traxx "Acid Dream - Dj Isaac Remix"212
68Felix Gray "La gitane"212
69Masai Jr "Pegasus"209
70Ecstasy Club "Jesus Loves The Acid"205
71Antoine Chance "Fou"203
72Komakino "Man on Mars - DJ Jan Remix"202
73Ozya "Would You Remember Me"201
74Jan Paternoster "Chef Van De Peloton"201
75For A Jumper "For An Angel - Original"200
761000 Ohm "A.G.N.E.S."199
77M-Kids "Indianendans"195
78D-Vision "Funky"195
79Freeze "2 Know - Freeze Edit"194
80X-Filter "Come On - Original Mix"194
81Belgica Wave "The Wave"190
82Sarah De Koster "You Are The Reason"189
83Elke Buyle "Laat het los - Flemish Version"183
84The Ditch "Far Away"180
85Baki "Mi Amor"178
86Soldout feat. John Stargasm "Julia's dance"178
87Zolex "Time Modulator - Original Mix"175
88Felix Da Housecat & Visionary "My Life Is Music"173
89Karlos Mendez "Sex-A-Phone"172
90Circus Cafe "Burning Man"171
91Liliane Saint-Pierre "Soldiers Of Love"171
92L&O "Even Now"170
93The Dinky Toys "Declaración De Amor"170
94Maurizzio "New Emotion - Radio Edit"170
95S.W.A.T. "The Fly Is Dead"169
96DJ Glenn "Silent Six"169
97Goe Vur In Den Otto "Den Bus Gemist"169
98Joëlle Ursull "White And Black Blues"169
99The Mackenzie feat. Marko "Ghost - The Mackenzie Trance Mix"168
100Main Men "Final Majority"168

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