Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Melbourne   Victoria
Melbourne   Victoria
Brisbane   Queensland
Sydney   New South Wales
Perth   Western Australia
Adelaide   South Australia
Canberra   Australian Capital Territory
Hobart   Tasmania
house concert   playlist
1Gary Sweet "Progress"713
2Dave Eastgate "Life Is a Competition"697
3So Phat! "A Love Bizarre - Club Mix"695
4Jaime Hadwen "SOS"687
5Ben Bennett "Never Stick Your Neck Out"665
6Rob Pix "Darker Shades of White - Rob Pix Remix"483
7Duane Bartolo "Good For You - Original Mix"459
8BBG Smokey "Only One"431
9Boogs "Tear Drops - Original Mix"411
10Imogen Cygler "Trivialise Me"387
11Eco$ystem "Redface"385
12Chitra "Better Than Before"384
13The Velvet Club "Sometimes"376
14Live Element "Something About You - Live Element Club Mix"360
15Adult Art Club "Lungs"359
16R.L. KING "Show & Tell"358
17Floodlights "Nullarbor"355
18Nick Coleman "Faces Of Meth (T-Rek Remix)"346
19Quesh "Candy Girl"345
20Loose Tooth "Keep On"312
21Benedetto And Farina "I Miss You (feat. Akaram)"304
22Walzyy "Hawaii"302
23Lotus "Unlikely"294
24Cyanide Thornton "Weight"288
25Jaye "Block Hotter"286
26Jade Imagine "Walkin' Around"284
27Gordon Koang "Mal Mi Goa"273
28Heartburn "Don't Blink"269
29Shogun And The Sheets "Hold on Kid"265
30Giannis Alexakis "Ekrixi"265
31Spacey Space "What Do You Want"264
32Jjay De Melo "Paper Planes"259
33Dark Monks "Insane - Steve Murano Remix"256
34Pitchers "Black Is Back (Club Cut)"253
35F. Physical "La Banda - F. Physical Club Mix"247
36Local to Local "Vip"246
37Romesh "Hithumate"241
38Sarmpel "Se pira sovara"240
39BabyT "Lingo"240
40Merpire "Lately"234
41Brady, Mike "One Day in September"228
42Maz Green "Somewhere Else"225
43CC:DISCO! "Back - CC:DISCO! Tropical Rub Edit"222
44jakson "Guilt"219
45Mike Brady "Up There Cazaly - 35th Year Anniversary - 2014"218
46Mr. Timothy "I Am Tha 1 - T Funk Radio Edit"217
47Over-Reactor "When Collingwood Choke"212
48HEXDEBT "Covenant"212
49T-rek "Freakshow Disco No. 3"207
50Jose M. "Cosmic Girl - Original Mix"206
51Silversix "Love What You Feel"204
52Tehan Perera "Unuhuma"202
53Leslie D. King & The Trembling Shakes "Sunday Kitchen Swinging"197
54Orkestrated feat. BELEEF "Club Talk"196
55Iraj & Infaas "Manamali - Sinhalese Version"194
56Georgia Fair "Picture Frames"192
57Rose Goldd "Woozy (feat. Vic August)"191
58Deykwan "All Those Times"189
59Kitschen Boy "Life in Lo-Fi"187
60Beachwood "Miracle"181
61Deer "Let Me Know (feat. Genes)"179
62Tall Relatives "Ice Age"175
63Art Nouveau "Miracle"173
64Boomgates "Flood Plains"171
66Mike Steventon "Vibrations - Josh Lang Remix"168
67MLBRN "The Anthem"164
68Bekdö "Feels So Good"164
69Mckenna "Last Ones Standing"164
70Leah Senior "Graves"161
71Conn R "Walls"161
72Bunny Racket "A Chicken Is Not a Fruit"157
73Franco Cozzo "Flower Tea"156
74Scott & Charlene's Wedding "Don't Bother Me"155
75George Myer "If I Lose You"155
76Fulton Street "Check Yourself"154
77Shane Piasecki "My Two Cents"153
78Tricky Mac & Benny T "Down for a Sesh"150
79Grinding Eyes "So Clear"150
80lxrdmc "Not Impressed"150
81Busted "Tricky Tricky - DJ Sequenza Radio Mix"148
82Laura Imbruglia "Carry You Around"147
83Clarence Wijenwardane "Sande Walawan"146
84Taylor Sheridan "Nothing Wrong"146
85Dukes of Windsor "The Others"145
86Jaya Sri "Pita Rata Vistara"145
87Malith "Mathaka mandira (Chanchala)"144
88Tom Neville "Buzz Junkie - Radio Edit"143
89Paul Norton "Stuck On You"142
90Toby Neal "Do You Really (Want My Love?) - Radio Edit"142
91Umara "Wassanayata"141
92Walt & Feliz "Expansion - Original Mix"141
93Yakooza "Cocaine - DJ Wag Mix"138
94Tess Guthrie "WUTO"137
95KUDZAI "4 Deep In The Suburbs"136
96World Sick "Empathetic Blues"136
97Konstantinos Pantzis & Nikos Souliotis, Feat. Petros Imvrios "Mia Agapi Apo Ta Palia"136
98The Soul Movers "Fool I Am"136
99Constant Mongrel "Living In Excellence"135
100Blackfeather "Seasons Of Change Part 1"135

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