Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Brisbane   Queensland
Brisbane   Queensland
Melbourne   Victoria
Sydney   New South Wales
Perth   Western Australia
Adelaide   South Australia
Hobart   Tasmania
house concert   playlist
1Dorah Jacson "Away"466
2Flamingo Parade "LOVELESS"466
3SHEISMONTANA "Electrified"446
4The Bonnie Doons "Catch Me"360
5She Cries Wolf "Magdalene"340
6ALIENNE "Fenty Gloss Bomb"300
7Eight Second Ride "See What Tomorrow Brings"291
8RAAVE TAPES "k bye"284
9Marrow Lane "Breakdown"275
10Drewboy "Kick Ons"274
11Riley Ella "Faded"269
12Big Dinner "Smoke Out"248
13The Broncos "We're the Broncos"235
14Bearfoot "Impolite"222
15Silky Fuzz "In My Bones"221
16Midnight Fuckboys "Out of Luck"221
17Selfish Sons "Spyglass"215
18T-Shirt "You Sexy Thing - Radio Edit"214
19The Jensens "Fears"214
20Pool Shop "Can You Dream"212
21Ben Shock & the Waves "Cosmo Killer"210
22Port Royal "Don't You Forget About Me"206
23O'Shea "Karaoke and Corona"195
24KXBE "Switch Up"186
25The Cockroaches "She's The One"185
26Jack Shannon "Struggle"184
27Jack Sweeney "Breaking Hearts"183
28Dad's Fastest Swimmers "Mixed Messages"183
29Jborchyy "Purple Hearts"180
30Gooby Jim and The Goobs "Cat's Got Your Tongue"179
31Hastiings "How'd You Forget?"174
32Cheap Fakes "Sand On the Beach"174
33Machine Age "Dust"173
34Sunscreen "Voices"173
35Joey Daye "Coulda Been a Footballer"169
36Poppy Rose "Sex On The Beach"168
37Magnifik "We Really Love This Song - Peking DuK Remix"165
38Railroad Gin "A Matter of Time"164
39Lil Grom "Fruity Flame"159
40Nick Riddel "Free"159
41Tiny Castle "World"159
42Fight Ibis "Dorothy Deadleg"159
43Natalie Pearson "I Wonder What You Kiss Like"158
44Days Like These "The Absolute"156
45Route 33 "Last First Kiss"153
46Shane Piasecki "My Two Cents"151
47GALLVS "Red Pill"151
48Blue Nigel "Shoreline"150
49Raj Mahal "What Da Deal"149
50Flowz Dilione "Reasons"148
51Jayson Watkin "Jacky Kneebone"148
52Beddy Rays "Fool Around"148
53Layer Cake "Keep Me Awake"147
54L. Flora "What's My Name?"146
55Dopamine "Ordinary People"146
56Lee Coulter "We You Me"146
57Tumbleweed "Hang Around"144
58The Embassy "My Wild"143
59Interim "Moonshine"140
60Ashgroove "Humour Me"137
61Scott and Annie McKinnon "Covenant"136
62Pat Wilson "Bop Girl"134
63Wildheart "We Are"133
64Slits "Iwishthatshewouldloveme"133
65Philadelphia Grand Jury "The Good News"132
66Charliejwilliams "Craving"131
67Olaney "Insatiable"131
68D E N N I S. "Alive"131
69Humblet "Go to Rics"131
70Nice Biscuit "Captain"131
71Perve Endings "Peaked in High School"130
72Fresco Kyoto "Inkman (Not Waking Up)"129
73Flyalacine "Strong Warning"128
74Lost Goat Found "I Got Time"127
75Kaream Kharizma "Pretty Likkle Indian"126
76The Allniters "Montego Bay"126
77Concrete Surfers "My Life On Repeat"123
78Tavern Slander "We Were Young"123
79Coloured Stone "Black Boy"123
80Ben Tenison "Pennylane, Darling"122
81Baskervillain "It's a Love"121
82Mick Thomas "Father's Day"120
83Sleepclub "Cut You"120
84Tailgate Drive "Bury Me In Blue Jeans"119
85FeelsClub "Never Knows Best (Radio Edit)"119
86Grasshopper Takeover "What's My Scene"119
87Savour the Rations "Thank the Lord"118
88Hallie "Not A Lady"118
89Dangerpenny "Happy Place"118
90Paul Norton "Stuck On You"117
91Bloom Parade "Golden"117
92FinnyboiFlayva "German Whip"116
93Mark Vincent "This Is Not the End"116
94Baylou "Bang Bang"116
95Scotty Hinds "Keep Grinding"115
96Jedd Hughes "High Lonesome"115
97Jesswar "Savage"115
98Mick Lindsay "This Song Gets Me"115
99Tania Doko "Piece of Me"115
100Spod "Boys Night"115

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