Hyperspace House Concerts   global playlist
Music only a select few people knew until now, discovered by hyper-local Spotify listening around the world...
Los Angeles   California
Los Angeles   California
Chicago   Illinois
Dallas   Texas
Atlanta   Georgia
Houston   Texas
Brooklyn   New York
New York   New York
Cleveland   Ohio
San Francisco   California
Philadelphia   Pennsylvania
Seattle   Washington
Miami   Florida
Orlando   Florida
Denver   Colorado
Charlotte   North Carolina
Minneapolis   Minnesota
Arlington   Virginia
The Bronx   New York
Washington   District of Columbia
Phoenix   Arizona
Las Vegas   Nevada
Sacramento   California
Detroit   Michigan
Portland   Oregon
San Antonio   Texas
Riverside   California
San Jose   California
Tampa   Florida
Newark   New Jersey
Austin   Texas
St Louis   Missouri
San Diego   California
Boston   Massachusetts
Hayward   California
Omaha   Nebraska
Nashville   Tennessee
Pittsburgh   Pennsylvania
Gainesville   Florida
Indianapolis   Indiana
Fort Worth   Texas
North Hollywood   California
Birmingham   Alabama
Oklahoma City   Oklahoma
Columbus   Ohio
Cincinnati   Ohio
Santa Ana   California
Saint Paul   Minnesota
Kansas City   Missouri
Oakland   California
Louisville   Kentucky
Buffalo   New York
Aurora   Colorado
Milwaukee   Wisconsin
Honolulu   Hawaii
Tucson   Arizona
Raleigh   North Carolina
Albuquerque   New Mexico
El Paso   Texas
Dayton   Ohio
Rochester   New York
Irvine   California
Grand Rapids   Michigan
Providence   Rhode Island
New Orleans   Louisiana
Knoxville   Tennessee
Madison   Wisconsin
Richmond   Virginia
Memphis   Tennessee
Jacksonville   Florida
Colorado Springs   Colorado
Baltimore   Maryland
Fresno   California
Bakersfield   California
Baton Rouge   Louisiana
Spokane   Washington
Wichita   Kansas
Ann Arbor   Michigan
Lincoln   Nebraska
Boise   Idaho
Columbia   South Carolina
Chattanooga   Tennessee
Tulsa   Oklahoma
Lexington   Kentucky
Lynchburg   Virginia
Newark   Delaware
Santa Barbara   California
Springfield   Missouri
‘Aiea   Hawaii
Lubbock   Texas
Durham   North Carolina
Anchorage   Alaska
Reno   Nevada
Lawrenceville   Georgia
Toledo   Ohio
Davis   California
Charlottesville   Virginia
Columbia   Missouri
Ithaca   New York
San Luis Obispo   California
Athens   Georgia
Wilmington   North Carolina
Glendale   California
Bellingham   Washington
Charleston   South Carolina
Provo   Utah
Greenville   South Carolina
Lafayette   Louisiana
Asheville   North Carolina
Boone   North Carolina
Burlington   Vermont
Chinle   Arizona
Notre Dame   Indiana
Oxford   Ohio
house concert   playlist
1Azjah "Time for It"643
2Blake and Miles "Ride In"552
3TayF3rd "Low Inside"495
4Lauryn Tauber "Water & Wine (Demo)"486
5Little Royal "Jealous"467
6The Gifts "Lovin' You"457
7Twoske "Pushaz Ink Shit"441
8Rucci "Go Rucci"434
9Rj "Warning"424
10Timothy Wilson "Baby Baby Please"414
11Entertainers IV "Hey Lady"404
12The Green Berets "(Lord) Send Me Somebody"400
13Rosie And Ron "Bring Me Happiness - Remastered"399
14The Symphonies "That's What Love Will Do"398
15Indian Blue "Fucc Yo Bitch"398
16Natural Four "Why Should We Stop Now"395
17Skip Mahoney & The Casuals "Wherever You Go"381
18SvgPreme "Ain't Worried Bout Shit"377
19The Shells "Baby Oh Baby"375
20Kam "The Rebirth"374
21Exsaveyons "Somewhere"374
22Benda "Overload"373
23Freedom Machine "Stop Doubting My Love"373
24The Superbs "Baby Baby All The Time - With Intro"373
25The Royal Five "Gonna Keep Lovin' You"372
26Uriel Valdez "Matame a Besos"372
27Sabby Rayas "Crazy Over You"367
28Dmb Gotti "She Gone Go"353
29Photographic Memory "As Often as Possible be Gentle and Kind"344
30MCM Raymond "Every Week"343
31Lost Generation "The Sly, Slick & The Wicked"343
32Smash G "I Got"342
33Tommy McLain "I Need You So"341
34Clue Dog "Ya Ain't Fuckin' Wit Us (feat. Suga Free & Papi Rico)"336
35Allfrumtha I "County Jail"335
36Frankie & The Spindles "Count to Ten"332
37Grizzy James "WestSide Story"331
38The Sinceres "Don't Waste My Time"328
39Joey Franko "Hennessy and Moscato"327
40La Infinita "Don't Let Me Down"324
41Thee Prophecy "I Can't Hear You"324
42Someones Daughter "Cres."323
43Jorell Ortega "Lights Off"320
44Fat Meech "Brothers"319
45The Festivals "You've Got the Makings of a Lover"312
46Sam and Bill "For Your Love"307
47Bobby Nunn "She's Just A Groupie - 12" Mix"305
48Los De La Costa "A la Sorda"303
49The Prince of L.A. "Come And Find Me"301
50Ethnic Descent "Lover's Rock"300
51Jim Kweskin "Ella Speed"297
52Fuller Bros. "Stranger at My Door"297
53Marvin And Johnny "Cherry Pie"296
54Celly Ru "Niggas Dying Today Feat. Celly Ru"294
55Natural Resources "If There's a Tomorrow"294
56Jesse Fuller "San Francisco Bay Blues"293
58JayjayGTD "Rocc n Roll"288
59AV "Run Me My Money"288
60Sunny Ozuna And Sunliners "Smile Now, Cry Later"285
61Low Profile "Pay Ya Dues"284
62DJ Quik Featuring Ludacris "Pacific Coast Remix"283
63Dino "Elixer"283
64Hombres de ley "El Butters"282
65J.K. & Co. "Fly"277
66Sexual Harrassment "I Need A Freak"277
67ArjayOnTheBeat "Shake Sum"275
68Shep & The Limelites "Daddy's Home"275
6913 Boyz "Running a Muck"271
70Sounds "See Me"269
71The Variation of Love "I'll Always Love You"264
72Orla Feeney "Audacious - Melodic Mix"262
73The Delicates "I Want To Get Married"258
74Eyes Everywhere "Ten Inch Press"257
75Rudeboii Official "Highkey"254
76Mausberg "Shut Up"254
77The Radiants "It Ain't No Big Thing"254
78Jared Gelman "Return to Sender"253
79La Novedad Norteña de Israel Leyva "Popurri Norteño (En Vivo)"252
80Ronnie Walker "Really Really Love You"252
81The Jewels "Opportunity - Remastered Single Version"251
82The Masqueraders "I'm Just An Average Guy"248
83The Newcomers "Mannish Boy"248
84Landy Nova "There's No One to Blame"245
85Cafe Con Tequila "Buskando"245
86Who Kid Woody "B*tch Hit Yo Ricky (feat. Young Ace, Earl Swavey)"243
88The Whoridas "Shot Callin ' & Big Ballin'"241
89Los Pistones De Uriel Valdez "El Lobito Verde"241
90The Three Midnighters "Sad Girl"238
91Johnny Rose "Fucc Me"238
92Joe Moses "For the Bitches"237
93Friday Saturday And Sunday "There Must Be a Better Way"236
94Bobbi Row & The Englishmen "Why'd You Put Me On"234
95Pac-Man "I'm from Rollin (Prod. by Cell)"232
96Grupo Legado 50 "El Butters"230
97The Electrifying Cashmeres "Ooh I Love You"229
98Robert & Johnny "We Belong Together"228
99The Comrads "Homeboyz"227
100Freestyle "The Party Has Just Begun"226

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