Every Place at Once
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1 KyivUA
2 KharkivUA
3 OdessaUA
4 LvivUA
5 DnipropetrovskUA
6 ZaporizhzhyaUA
7 Kryvyi RihUA
8 VinnytsiaUA
9 MykolayivUA
10 DonetskUA
11 PoltavaUA
12 TernopilUA
13 ChernivtsiUA
14 KhersonUA
15 MariupolUA
16 RivneUA
17 ChernihivUA
18 ZhytomyrUA

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@EveryNoise ·  glenn mcdonald ·  Spotify
This is an index of playlists charting the songs that define, unite and distinguish cities, according to Spotify listening patterns and math.
Click any city to re-sort the list by similarity to that city.
Colors attempt to represent the acoustic character of the group or genre, in the same allusive scheme used for Every Noise at Once.