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Ma RaineyIThe Tub Jug Washboard Band»
Williams' Joe Washboard Blues Singers»
Johnny Dodds Washboard Six»
Clarence Williams' Washboard Five With Margaret Webster»
Clarence Williams' Washboard Five»
Sneed, James; vocal and washboard; Duffy, J.F.; guitar; Sander,»
Washboard Novelty Quartette»
Sonny Terry's Washboard Band»
Jimmy O'Bryant's Washboard Band with Ruth Coleman»
Original Washboard Band»
Big Joe & His Washboard Band»
Gringo's Washboard Band»
Earthlings Electric Washboard Band»
Cloe's Washboard Band»
Daniel and The Blonde»
Robert Lunn and The Jug and Washboard Band»
The Washboard Union»
Ted des Plantes»
Beale Street Washboard Band»
Bob Wallis Washboard Beaters»
Eddie Kelly´s Washboard Band»
The Washboard Rhythm Kings»
The Georgia Washboard Stompers»
Washboard Serenaders»
John Byrd & Washboard Walter»
Paris Washboard»
Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards»
Clarence Williams & His Washboard Band»
Washboard Lou & The Po'Boys»
Washboard Pete»
Baker-Baldwin Radiogram Washboards»
Johnny Dodds Washboard Band»
Ted Des Plantes' Washboard Wizards»
Blythe's Washboard Band»
Peter Chatman & His Washboard Band»
Elephant Revival»
Washboard Banjo Band»
David A. Jasen»
Rosies Crazy Washboard Band»
The Washboard Resonators»
Clarence Williams' Washboard Beaters»
Washboard Rhythm Boys»
Johnny Parker's Washboard Band»
Washboard Wonders»
Washboard Rhythm Band»
Ma Rainey with The Tub Jug Washboard Band»
Jimmy O'Bryant's (Famous Original) Washboard Band»
Five Harmaniacs»
Washboard Bill»
Goodtime Washboard 3»
Cecil Scott's Washboard Band»
Blythe's Washboard Ragamuffins»
Ukulele Clan Band»
Galvanized Washboard Band»
Gilbert Leroux Washboard Group»
Washboard Sam (Robert Brown)»
Washboard Walter»
Dixie Jazzers Washboard Band»
Palatina Washboard Jassband»
Washboard Willie»
Williams' Washboard Band»
Jimmy O'Bryant's Washboard Band»
Ma Rainey & Her Tub Jug Washboard Band»
Chris Barber's Washboard Wonders»
Palooka Washboard Band»
Joe Williams' Washboard Blues Singers»
Washboard Leo Thomas»
Sam Washboard»
Bob Wallis' Washboard Beaters»
Washboard Sam»
Jimmy Blythe's Washboard Wizards»
James Cole's Washboard Four»
State Street Swingers with Washboard Sam»
Pete Seeger, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee»
Washboard Five»
Tuba Skinny»
Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers»
Corwin Bolt & the Wingnuts»
La Planche à Dixie»
Beryl Bryden»
Clarence Williams' Washboard Four»
Clarence Williams' Washboard Band»
Clancy Hayes & His Washboard Five»
The Even Dozen Jug Band»
Fowler's Washboard Wonders»
Washboard Jungle»
Spencer Washboard Kings»
VJM Washboard Band»
Gertrude Ma Rainey and Her Tub Jug Washboard Band»
Washboard Jo»
Clarence Williams Washboard Five»
Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizzards»
Nashville Washboard Band»
Old Time Honey»
Onion Honey»
James Cole & His Washboard Band»
The Tub Jug Washboard Band»
Eddie Kelly's Washboard Band»
Washboard Sam And His Washboard Band»
Johnny Dodds' Washboard Band»
His Washboard Band»
Washboard Doc»
The Jug and Washboard Band»
Dixie Washboard Band»
Spencer’s Washboard Kings»
Washboard Sam & His Washboard Band»
Bob Wallis's Washboard Beaters»
Washboard Chaz Blues Trio»
Alabama Washboard Stompers»
Louisiana Washboard Five»
Daddy Hotcakes»
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christian hard rock»
fallen angel»
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finnish metal»
slavic folk metal»
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Every Noise at Once is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 3,506 genre-shaped distinctions by Spotify as of 2019-09-16. The calibration is fuzzy, but in general down is more organic, up is more mechanical and electric; left is denser and more atmospheric, right is spikier and bouncier.
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