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The Hawaiian Island Players»
Bernie Kaai And His Hawaiians»
Kanvi & Lula»
Bill Lincoln Aliiloa & His Hawaiians»
Masters Hawaiians»
Roy Smeck And His Tropical Serenaders»
John Keawe's Harmony Hawaiians»
Tahiti Beachcombers»
David Kaonohi And His Honoluluans»
Randy Oness's Select Hawaiian Serenaders»
Waikiki Stonewall Boys»
My Golden Baby Serenaders»
Sam-Ku-West And His Royal Hawaiians»
Johnny Pineapple And His Native Islanders»
Andrew Iona Novelty Four»
David Kaonohi And His Honoluans»
King Nawaii's Hawaiians»
King Nawahi's Hawaiian Beach Combers»
Kalani Bright»
Chick Daniels & His Royal Hawaiians»
Vocal, Louisa Reyes»
Dorothy Kalima»
Johnny Noble & His Hawaiian Music»
Bezos' Hawaiian Orchestra»
Ol K. Bright's Hollywaiians»
Genoa Keawe & Her Hula Maids»
Hawaii Calls Orchestra»
Johnny Kaonohi Pineapple and his Native Islanders»
Hawaiian All-Star Band»
Trío De Hawaii»
Gino Bordin Hawaiian Orchestra»
Lani McIntire & His Hawaiians»
Hawaiian Orchestra»
Kane's Hawaiians»
Tommy Solomon»
Kaai Serenaders»
Harry Owens»
Sam Ku West's Harmony Boys»
Hawaiian Quintette»
Dick McIntire»
Honolulu Players»
S Cortez Y Sus Hawaiianos»
Bill Akamuhou»
Sam Ku West Harmony»
A.P. Sharpe And His Honolulu Hawaiians»
Sam Ku West Harmony Boys»
The Hawaiian Guitar Boys»
Augie Goupil»
Quartet Island»
Jim & Bob»
Sam Ku West»
Sam Alama & His Hawaiians»
Andy Cumings & His Hawaiian Serenaders»
The Hawaiian Aloha Players»
Sol Hoopii Trio»
The Guitar Sounds Of Hawaii»
Walter Kolomoku»
Augie Goupil And His Royal Tahitians»
King Benny Nawahi»
Master's Hawaiians»
His Hawaiian Serenaders»
The 49th State Hawaiians»
The Golden Hawaiians»
John Taaroa And His Hawaiian Guitars»
The Honolulu Revivalists»
Dick McIntire & His Harmony Hawaiians»
Duke Kamoku and his Islanders»
Sol Hoopii And His Novelty Quartet»
Kane's Hawaiian»
King Bennie Nawahi»
Tubize Royal Hawaiian Orchestra»
Palakiko & Paaluhi»
The Genial Hawaiians»
The Hawaiian Music Group»
Hawaii Calls»
King Nawahi's Hawaiians»
Sol K. Bright's Hollywaiians»
Sounds of Kauai»
The Hawaiian Hula Boys»
Hoot Gibson»
The Waikiki Beach Boys»
Andy Cummings & His Hawaiian Serenaders»
Madame Riviere's Hawaiians»
MM. Rivieres Hawaiians»
Sol Hoopii & His Novelty Quartet»
Honolulu Session Singers»
David Napihi Burrows»
The Three Jacks»
Tau Moe»
Lua & Kaili (Irene West's Royal Hawaiians)»
Lani McIntire & His Orchestra»
Ray Kinney»
The Kalima Brothers»
Roy Smeck's Serenaders»
Hawaiian Songbirds»
King Nawahi»
Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs»
Jim & Bob, The Genial Hawaiians»
Roland Peachey»
S Cortes Y Sus Hawaiinos»
Segis Luvaun»
Tamari Tahiti»
The Oahu Steel Guitar Group»
Kaiama's Quartette»
Benjamin Rogers»
Georgia Jumpers»
Kanui & Lula»
Hawaiian Serenaders»
Moana Serenaders»
Andy Iona»
Len Fillis»
The Singing Surfriders»
Andy Iona & His Islanders»
Harry Kalapana»
Hawaiian Trio»
South Pacific Music»
King Benny Nawahi's Red Devils»
George "Tautu" Archer And The Pagans»
Al Shaw & His Hawaiian Beachcombers»
Frank Ferera»
Sol Hoopi & His Novelty Orchestra»
Kalama's Quartet»
The Hawaiian Spa Players»
Joe Keawe & His Harmony Hawaiians»
John K. Almeida»
Tau Moe's Hawaiian Jazzites»
The Royal Hawaiian Serenaders»
Alfred Aholo Apaka»
Hilo Hattie»
The Hawaiian Serenaders»
Hauulea Entertainers»
Erik Risberg»
Four Hawaiian Guitars»
John Taaroa»
Roy Smeck's Tropical Serenaders»
Noi Lane & his Hawaiian Orchestra»
Manny Klein & his Hawaiians»
Ray Kinney And His Musical Ambassadors»
Hanapi Trio»
Eddy's Hawaiian Serenaders»
Joe Keawe's Harmony Hawaiians»
The Hawaiian Rainbow Singers»
Iona & Andy»
Honolulu Police Glee Club»
Sam Alama»
Kalami Y Sus Isleños Del Paraiso»
Keaumoka Louis»
Die Klima Hawaiians»
Emery Cournard»
Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs & His Waikiki Boys»
Hawaiian Moods»
scottish jazz»
british dance band»
jazz violin»
big band»
jazz guitar»
jazz brass»
vintage hawaiian»
french jazz»
lao traditional»
jazz trombone»
cool jazz»
jazz piano»
polca paraguaya»
tin pan alley»
neon pop punk»
anime rock»
neue deutsche harte»
future rock»
italian pop punk»
rap rock»
modern downshift»
oshare kei»
russian alternative»
neo-industrial rock»
industrial metal»
idol rock»
german alternative rock»
@EveryNoise ·  glenn mcdonald
Every Noise at Once is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 3,786 genre-shaped distinctions by Spotify as of 2019-12-09. The calibration is fuzzy, but in general down is more organic, up is more mechanical and electric; left is denser and more atmospheric, right is spikier and bouncier.
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