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Holiday Music Box»
Relaxation Music Box»
Troubadour Music Box»
Swiss Music Box»
Le Mode»
Alison's Music Box»
The Music Box Ensemble»
Halloween Music Box»
Wunderkind Classic»
Victorian Musical Boxes»
Golden Music Box»
Tiny Music Box»
White Tulip»
Music Box Ensemble»
Music Box Mania»
Seyp Archipelago»
Music Box Authors»
Kawaii Music Box»
Rita Ford»
Video Game Music Box»
Kalliope Music Box»
Regina Music Box (27 inch)»
Porter Music Box Co»
Antique Musical Boxes»
Springs Of Sleep»
Mira Music Box Vol. 2»
The Kiboomers»
Paillard & Co. Mandolin Cylinder Music Box»
Music Box Players»
Regina Music Box 27 Inch»
Mira Music Box»
Music Box Baby Ballerina»
オルゴール ミドリ»
OMG Music Box»
The Glorious Regina Music Box Vol. 2»
Troubadour Music Box (with bells)»
Paul Eakins' Music Box»
Music Box Theory»
Tom's Music Box»
Music Box»
Carillon Musical Box»
Relax α Wave»
Slepynin Yermola Germanovich»
Nadine Pilic»
Baby Music Box»
Tisharu Ralokrana»
Musical Boxes»
Yonezawa Sumitomo»
Regina Music Box 15.5 Inch»
Kalliope Music Box (with bells)»
Kawaii Box»
Musical Boxes Spieluhren»
Sweety Music Box»
Box the Music»
Team Harajuku»
Justin Tejedor»
Polyphon Music Box (with bells)»
Kyoto Music Box Ensemble»
Regina Music Box»
The Musicboxers»
Serenity Music Box»
Joplin Music Box»
Symphonion Music Box»
Musical Box of Magdalen College, Oxford»
Rita Ford's Music Boxes»
Bornand Music Box*»
Kawaii Music Box»
Regina Music Box (15.5 inch)»
Music box & co.»
Music Box Carillon»
The Music Box»
Music Box Dreams»
Antique Music Boxes»
Polyphon Music Box»
The Glorious Regina Music Box»
Sali Bass»
music box»
brazilian hardcore»
uk diy punk»
sleaze rock»
mexican hardcore»
nz punk»
vancouver punk»
canadian punk»
melodic hardcore»
colombian hardcore»
alternative metal»
chicago punk»
skate punk»
swedish hard rock»
fast melodic punk»
argentine heavy metal»
dutch punk»
@EveryNoise ·  glenn mcdonald
Every Noise at Once is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 2,583 genres by Spotify as of 2019-01-18. The calibration is fuzzy, but in general down is more organic, up is more mechanical and electric; left is denser and more atmospheric, right is spikier and bouncier.
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