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Extra Action Marching Band»
Stanford Marching Band»
The Ohio University Marching 110»
Oregon State University Marching Band»
Rude Mechanical Orchestra»
Northwestern University Wildcat Marching Band»
The Boston College Marching Band»
The Mighty Sound of the South Marching Band»
The University of Louisville Marching Band»
The Cheshire Regimental Band»
University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Band»
The Band of HM Royal Marines, Lt. Col. F. Vivian Dunn (conductor)»
Paws & Tales»
82nd Airborne All-American Chorus»
The University of Alabama Million Dollar Band»
John Philip Sousa»
Harvard University Band»
The Nebraska Cornhusker Marching Band»
Northwestern University Symphonic Wind Ensemble»
US Army Band and Chorus»
WCU Marching Cats»
French Military Bands»
MarchFourth Marching Band»
Jean-Paul De Coster»
Elby Brass»
1st Battalion Irish Guards»
US Army Chorus»
The OSU Marching Band»
Stabsmusikkorps der Bundeswehr»
Household Division»
Major Roger G. Swift»
United States Marine Band»
The Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band»
The University of Wisconsin Marching Band»
University of Michigan Band»
US Air Force Band Of Liberty»
The Highland Band of the Scottish Division»
Baylor University Wind Ensemble»
The Pride of Oklahoma»
Ohio State University»
The Band Of H.M. Royal Marines»
ASU Sun Devil Marching Band»
The Band Of The Irish Guards»
US Army Strings»
FSU Marching Chiefs»
University Of Alabama»
Riverside College Marching Band»
United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps»
The Band Of The Army Air Corps»
The Western Band Of The RAF»
University of Missouri Marching Mizzou»
US Air Force Tactical Air Command Band»
The United States Naval Academy Band»
The UNC Marching Tar Heels»
1st Michigan Colonial Fife And Drum Corps»
Werewolf Patrol»
El Paso Wind Symphony»
The Tailgate Jazz Quintet»
Stadium Marching Band»
Chris McDonough»
United States Coast Guard Band»
The Band Of The Welsh Guards»
US Military Academy Band»
Show and Marchingband K & G»
Patriotic Fathers»
Blue Devils»
Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band»
United States Army Ceremonial Band»
University of Virginia Cavalier Marching Band»
The University of Michigan Marching Band»
All-American Marching Band»
United States Navy Band»
Purdue All American Marching Band»
Florida State University Marching Band»
Penn State Blue Band»
The Band of the Corps of Royal Engineers»
Columbus State University Wind Ensemble»
The Virginia Tech Marching Virginians»
US Air Force Band of the Golden Gate»
Clemson University Tiger Band»
North Texas Wind Symphony»
The Band Of The Scots Guards»
Kansas State University Marching Band»
The Baylor University Golden Wave Band»
Lil' Sho»
Band Of H.M.Royal Marines/Central Band Of The Royal British Legion/Band Of The Parachute Regt»
The University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band»
US Continental Army Band»
The University of Nebraska Cornhusker Marching Band»
LSU Tiger Marching Band»
University of Oklahoma Bands»
Massed Bands of HM Royal Marines»
The Band Of The Parachute Regiment»
Clemson University Marching Band»
Coldstream Guards»
The High Street Stompers»
US Army Field Band»
Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers»
US Marine Band»
US Army Band»
Eastman Wind Ensemble»
University of Washington Husky Marching Band»
Environmental Encroachment»
The Pride of the Southland Marching Band»
The University of Minnesota Marching Band»
Cassidy Byars»
The Band Of The Grenadier Guards»
38th Army Band»
The United States Air Force Band»
Royal Tank Regiment»
the Blue Devils»
Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Marching Band»
Peter Nero And the Philly Pops»
Grenadier Guards»
The University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band»
Dallas Wind Symphony»
Auburn University Marching Band»
The University of Oregon Marching Band»
The University of Texas Longhorn Band»
The Massed Bands Of The Guards Division»
Florida State University Marching Chiefs»
United States Army Field Band»
United States Air Force Band»
The Famous Maroon Band»
Colorado State University Marching Band»
The SMU Marching Band»
The University of Connecticut Marching Band»
The Regimental Band of the Coldstream Guards»
US Military Bands»
The Band Of The Life Guards»
Stars & Stripes Orchestra»
The Central Band of The Royal British Legion»
United States Air Force Heritage Of America Band»
Oklahoma State University Cowboy Marching Band»
The University of Arkansas Razorbacks Marching Band»
Warrior Love Band»
The Band of the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall»
Ohio State Marching Band»
The University of Georgia Redcoat Band»
The University of Illinois Marching Illini»
The Goin' Band from Raiderland»
The University of California Marching Band»
The Band Of The Blues & Royals»
God Bless America Players»
Auburn University Bands»
Duke University Marching Band»
The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band»
The University of Oklahoma Marching Band»
The Band of The Royal Lancers»
UCLA Bruin Marching Band»
The University of Kansas Marching Jayhawks»
Western Kentucky University Big Red Marching Band»
The Marching Virginians»
US Marine Drum and Bugle Corps»
US Air Force Heritage of America Band»
Bob Ufer»
National Concert Band of America»
Central Band Of The Royal Air Force»
The Royal Artillery Band»
The Royal Tank Regiment Cambrai Band»
Northwestern State University Bands»
Auburn Marching Band»
The Ohio State University Marching Band»
The Drums & Pipes»
The University of Wyoming Marching Band»
University of Notre Dame Band of the Fighting Irish»
US Navy Band»
Wake Forest Demon Deacon Marching Band»
Johnnie Vinson»
The Band Of The Royal Corps Of Signals»
Mississippi State University Bands»
Band Of The Coldstream Guards»
Auburn Marching Bnad»
The United States Army Band "Pershing's Own"»
Das Luftwaffenmusikkorps 1»
bagpipe marching band»
wind ensemble»
military band»
marching band»
college marching band»
nordic house»
deep dance pop»
k-pop boy group»
j-pop boy group»
moldovan pop»
pop edm»
bass trap»
deep pop edm»
australian dance»
japanese electropop»
electronica cristiana»
electronic trap»
musica eletronica gospel»
@EveryNoise ·  glenn mcdonald
Every Noise at Once is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 4,731 genre-shaped distinctions by Spotify as of 2020-08-11. The calibration is fuzzy, but in general down is more organic, up is more mechanical and electric; left is denser and more atmospheric, right is spikier and bouncier.
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