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Cliff Hammer & His Golden Spinet»
Dolf Van Der Linden And His Orchestra»
Hilversum Symphony Orchestra»
The Conrad Salinger Orchestra Conducted By Buddy Bregman»
QHLO / Charles Williams»
Frank Devol And His Orchestra»
Frank Cordell And His Orchestra With Vocal Introduction By The Dene Boys»
The Melachrino Orchestra Conducted By George Melachrino»
Roger Roger And His Champs Elysees Orchestra»
Kermit Leslie And His Orchestra»
Roger Roger and His Orchestra»
Leslie Jones And His Orchestra Of London»
Otto Cesana»
Ray Martin»
L'Orchestre Devereaux»
Wally Stott & His Orchestra»
Percy Fletcher»
William Hodgson & The Regent Concert Orchestra»
Albert (William) Ketèlbey»
Johnny Douglas & His Orchestra»
Angela Morley»
Radion viihdeorkesteri»
Robin Hood Dell Orchestra»
Curt Andersen»
Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra»
Wally Stott»
Mahlon Merrick and his Orchestra»
Frederic Curzon»
Warren Barker And His Orchestra»
Lansdowne Light Orchestra»
New Light Symphony Orchestra»
Danish State Radio Orchestra»
Queen's Hall Light Orchestra»
Gordon Jacob»
Kauffmann Ferdy»
Group Forty Orchestra»
The Queen's Hall Light Orchestra»
Sidney Torch And His Orchestra»
Ernest Tomlinson»
International Radio Orchestra»
John Scott Trotter And His Orchestra»
Robert Farnon & His Orchestra»
Arthur Benjamin»
West End Celebrity Orchestra»
Regent Concert Orchestra»
Louis Voss and his Orchestra»
Ronald Binge And His Orchestra»
Ray Martin And His Orchestra»
Harmonic Orchestra»
Philip Green & His Orchestra»
Haydn Wood»
Franck Pourcel And His Big Orchestra»
Acquaviva and his Orchestra»
Melavano And His Orchestra»
Norrie Paramor's Strings & Orchestra»
Robert Docker»
The Melachrino Orchestra»
Jack Strachey»
Hill Bowen & His Orchestra»
Sounds of the Circus»
Jerry Mengo And His Orchestra»
The Knightsbridge Strings»
The New Century Orchestra»
Roger Quilter»
Ernest Bucalossi»
The Connaught Light Orchestra»
The Johnny Hawksworth Orchestra»
David Rose w/ his Orchestra»
Trevor Duncan»
Laurie Johnson»
David Carroll & His Orchestra»
Richard Rodney Bennett»
John Clegg And His Orchestra»
Armand Bernard Orchestra»
Frank De Vol And His Orchestra»
Richard Addinsell»
Morton Gould and His Orchestra»
Richard Crean & His Orchestra»
Frank Perkins»
Bob Sharples»
The Melachrino Strings»
Wynford Reynolds And His Orchestra»
Philip Green»
Charles Shadwell And His Orchestra»
George de Godzinsky»
Robert Farnon»
New Century Orchestra»
The Telecast Orchestra»
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor»
Vivian Ellis»
Otto Dobrindt»
Reg Owen And His Orchestra»
John Foulds»
The New Concert Orchestra»
Stuttgart Radio Orchestra»
Stanley Black»
BBC Variety Orchestra»
Queen's Hall Light Orchestra Conducted by Charles Williams»
Edward German»
Symphonia Orchestra»
Malcolm Arnold»
Philip Green And His Orchestra»
Phil Boutet And His Orchestra»
Harold Collins And His Orchestra»
Frank Cordell And His Orchestra»
George Melachrino»
David Rose & His Orchestra»
The Grosvenor Studio Orchestra»
Louis Voss»
Queens' Hall Light Orchestra / Sidney Torch»
Peter Yorke And His Concert Orchestra»
Geoffrey Toye»
Fred Hartley»
Pierre Challet And His Orchestra»
Eric Spear»
Arthur Wood»
Eric Coates»
Grosvenor Studio Orchestra»
Johnny Gregory And His Orchestra»
Harry Fryer And His Orchestra»
Macklin Marrow»
Reginald Pursglove And His Orchestra»
Edward White»
Ron Goodwin»
Robert Busby»
Regent Classic Orchestra»
The Kingsway Promenade Orchestra»
The Westway Studio Orchestra»
The Brussels New Concert Orchestra»
New Concert Orchestra»
Daniel Michaels and His Orchestra»
Charles Williams And Orchestra»
Glenn Osser And His Orchestra»
Ronald Binge»
Elliott Mayes»
Danish State Radio Orchestra Conducted By Robert Farnon»
Sidney Torch»
Paris Theatre Orchestra»
Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra»
Charles Williams and his Concert Orchestra»
Enoch Light & His Orchestra»
Peter Hope»
Queen’s Hall Light Orchestra Conducted By Charles Williams»
Angela Morley And Her Orchestra»
The Rio Carnival Orchestra»
Joseph Horovitz»
Archibald Joyce»
Stuttgart Radio Orchestra Conducted By Kurt Rehfeld»
Erich Börschel»
Barnabas Von Géczy & His Orchestra»
Harry Fryer»
Mantovani w/ his Orchestra»
The Orchestra Of The 6th San Remo Festival»
Boris Sarbek»
Richard Howgill»
Group-Forty Orchestra»
Stanley Black & His Orchestra»
Herman Finck»
classic soundtrack»
concert band»
brass ensemble»
italian soundtrack»
light music»
classical trumpet»
british brass band»
electro latino»
bubblegum dance»
deep discofox»
australian dance»
hip house»
disco polo»
baile funk»
pop house»
italo dance»
hands up»
electro bailando»
deep vocal house»
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This is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 1932 genres by Spotify. The calibration is fuzzy, but in general down is more organic, up is more mechanical and electric; left is denser and more atmospheric, right is spikier and bouncier.
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