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Yoan Kukuzel Angeloglasniyat Ensemble»
Neophite Choir of Rila»
Neophyte Choir of Rila»
Greek Orthodox Tetraphonic Chorus»
Greek Orthodox Church Choir»
Chants From the Holyland- Trappist Monks of the Latroun Monaster»
Orthodox Vocal Ensemble, Vivian Klochkov»
Yoan Angeloglasniyat Ensemble»
Father Dionysios Firfiris»
Musicians in Khartoum»
St. Tikhon's Seminary Choir»
Pacific Camerata»
Russian Choir Of The Holy Blood Church»
Nana Peradze»
Danilov Monastery Choir»
USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir»
The Three Holies Church Choir»
Daniel Alva»
St. Symeon Orthodox Church Octet»
Fr. Nikodimos Kabarnos»
The Orthodox Choir»
Byzantine Choir»
St. Petersburg Chamber Choir»
Syrian Orthodox Church Monks»
Russian Orthodoxe Songs And Choirs (Chants Et Choeurs Russes Orthodoxes)»
Cappella Romana»
The Orthodox Church Music Ensemble»
Orthodox Requiem»
St. Tikhon's Mission Choir, Dir. By Benedict Sheehan»
Thrassyvoulos Stanitsas»
Georgian Orthodox Choir Of Tiflis»
Valaam Singing Culture Institute Men's Choir»
Romanian Sisters from the Romanian Orthodox Church»
Byzantine Choir of Greece»
Anchiskhati Vocal Ensemble»
Medieval Byzantine Chant»
St. Tikhon's Mission Choir»
Roman Hurko»
The Monks of Prinknash Abbey»
Chants From the Holyland- Choir of the Greek Orthodox Seminary o»
Ensemble Discantus»
Nikos Amorgianos»
The Male Orthodox Choir»
Ayyad Naggib»
Choeurs Des Eglises St-Georges»
The Psalmopevtsy Ensemble»
St. Petersburg Orthodox Choir»
The Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle, J Michael Thompson Director»
Chorus of Fathers from Vatopedi Monastery»
The Brotherhood Of St. Gregory And The Sisters Of Mercy Choir»
The Byzantine Chorale»
St. Cyril & Methodius Ukrainian Church Choir»
Novospassky Monastery Choir»
Gusla Male Choir»
The Orthodox Church Music Ensemble, Jerzy Szurbak»
"The Orthodox Singers" Male Choir, Choirmaster: Georgiy Smirnov»
Holyland Records Collection»
Divna Ljubojevic»
Alexei Pouzakov»
Belgrade Singing Society»
Irina Arkhipova / "Orthodox Singers" Choir, Choirmaster: Georgy Smirnov»
Adina Spire»
Ascention Church Choir (Maloe), Moscow, F. Stroganov & S. Serafimovich»
Sofia Chamber Choir»
Greek Orthodox Polyphonic Chorus of Anthens»
Armenian Apostolic Chorus Of Jerusalem»
Chorus of Great Meteoron Monastery»
Svetoslav Obretenov Bulgarian Choir»
St. Peter St. Paul Cathedral Choir of Minsk»
Te Parthenos Choir»
Readers of Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church»
Lycourgos Angelopoulos»
The Byzantine Choir of St George Orthodox Cathedral»
Kiev Theological Academy Choir»
Jean Paul Poletti and the men choir of Sartene»
Chants From the Holyland- Greek Byzantine choir from Cyprus and»
St. Marks Coptic Orthodox Church of Washington D.C Choir»
Men's Choir of the Valaam Singing Culture Institute»
Archangel Voices»
Kiev Chamber Choir»
Russian Orthodox Cathedral Choir»
Ivan Koukouzel Angeloglassny Ensemble»
Slavyanka Men's Chorus»
S. Serafimovich»
Sofia Ecclestiastical Choir»
Moscow Rybin Choir»
Choeur byzantin de Grèce»
Church In The Village Of Zalesje, Near The Pskov Monastery Of The Caves»
Grupul de psalti al patriarhiei romane»
Ensemble harmonie géorgienne»
Greek Orthodox Triphonic Chorus Of Athens»
The Church Of The Holy And Right-Believing Prince Alexander Nevsky In Tallinn»
Bulgarian National Choir Svetoslav Obretenov»
All Saints of America Mission»
Bezdin Ensemble»
Madrigal Sofia Chamber Choir»
St. Eliyah Church Choir»
Konstantin Semyonov»
Athens Byzantine Orchestra»
Konevets Quartet»
Holy Sepulchre Church Franciscan Monks»
Orthodox Ensemble»
Neophyte of Rila Chamber Choir»
St. John's Russian Orthodox Choir»
Ukrainian Dumka Chorus»
The Male Choir of Valaam Singing Culture Institute»
Byzantine Music»
Russian Orthodox Church Music Ensemble»
Choeur de Prêtres de Sofia»
Rana Nassour-Derbaly»
Russia Spiritual Revival Choir»
Hanome Giati Remvazo»
Olga Roussakova»
Choeur du monastère Sainte-Élisabeth de Minsk»
Albert Moraleda»
Schola Gregoriana Pregensis»
Alexander Sedov»
Monks Choir of Kiev Pechersk Monastery»
Choir of the Monks of Chevetogne»
St. Symeon Orthodox Church Choir»
Choirs Of Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church»
Russian Church Chorus Of New York»
Alla Sirenko»
Saint Antony Monastery»
Belfry Of The Assumption Of The Most Holy Mother Of God»
Choeur des moines du Monastère de Simonos Petra»
Children And Male Choir Of The Moscow Choral Academy, Choirmaster: Victor Popov»
Kiev Theological Academy & Seminary choir»
St. Tikhon's Monastery Choir»
Peter Michaelides»
Ensemble Sretenye»
The Byzantine Choir of St. George Cathedral»
St. Michael's Romanian Church Choir»
Carmina Byzantina»
Men's Choir of the Valaam ...»
Chants From the Holyland- Graz Gregorian Chants School of Austri»
The Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire Chorus of Leningrad»
Herman Ryabtsev»
Ensemble Mediatrix»
Harmonie Géorgienne»
St. Tikhon's Masterclass Choir»
Rybin Male Choir, Conductor: Valery Rybin»
Metropolitan Choir Of Kiev Pechersk Monastery»
Coptic Cathedral of St. Mark»
Choeur arménien de Sofia»
Chorus of Fathers from Catopedi Monastery»
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology St. Romanos the Melodist Byzantine Choir»
australian choir»
danish choir»
swedish choir»
american choir»
polish choir»
vocal ensemble»
british choir»
georgian polyphony»
early music choir»
university choir»
finnish choir»
german renaissance»
italian renaissance»
franco-flemish school»
chamber choir»
polish early music»
nu skool breaks»
vocal house»
speed garage»
electro latino»
deep vocal house»
disco house»
diva house»
italo dance»
fidget house»
workout product»
hip house»
baile funk»
hardcore breaks»
hard bass»
funky breaks»
@EveryNoise ·  glenn mcdonald
Every Noise at Once is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 2,169 genres by Spotify as of 2018-10-18. The calibration is fuzzy, but in general down is more organic, up is more mechanical and electric; left is denser and more atmospheric, right is spikier and bouncier.
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