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Felling Male Voice Choir»
Sheffield Cathedral Choir»
London Philharmonic Choir»
Choir of Jesus College, Cambridge»
London Bulgarian Choir»
The Saint Cecilia Singers»
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Choir»
Choir of Girton College, Cambridge»
The Choir Of Trinity College, Cambridge»
Choir of Clare College, Cambridge»
Exultate Singers»
St. Paul's Cathedral Choir»
CBSO Youth Chorus»
Leeds Festival Chorus»
The Ecclesium Choir»
Wells Cathedral Choir»
The Choir of Lincoln College Oxford»
The Cambridge Taverner Choir»
The Clerks' Group»
Marlborough College Chapel Choir»
Convivium Singers»
The Girls and Men of Norwich Cathedral Choir»
Choir of St. John's College, Cambridge»
Wakefield Cathedral Choir»
The Choir Of Waltham Abbey»
Chester Cathedral Choir»
Trinity Hall Chapel Choir, Cambridge»
The Choir of St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral»
The Arcadian Singers of Oxford University»
Worcester Cathedral Choir»
Choir Of The Abbey School Tewkesbury»
The Choir of St Peter's College Oxford»
Choir of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge»
Oxford Bach Choir»
The Luton Girls Choir»
Choir Of Royal Holloway»
I Fagiolini»
Brighton Festival Chorus»
Rochester Cathedral Choir»
Collegium Musicum 90 Chorus»
The Choir of Somerville College, Oxford»
Stile Antico»
Les Sirènes Female Chamber Choir»
Choir of Paisley Abbey»
Llandaff Cathedral Choir»
Durham Cathedral Choir»
St. George's Chapel Choir, Windsor»
Lincoln Cathedral Choir»
Ex Cathedra»
London Voices»
Bristol Cathedral Choir»
Oxford Pro Musica Singers»
St. Albans Abbey Girls Choir»
Newcastle Cathedral Choir»
The King's Singers»
The Choir of Canterbury Cathedral»
New London Children's Choir»
Ely Cathedral Choir»
Choir of New College, Oxford»
Salisbury Cathedral Choir»
Halle Choir»
Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Oxford»
Collegiate Church of St Mary Warwick Choir»
Synergy Vocals»
BBC Chorus»
Leeds Cathedral Choir»
Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus»
Queens' College Choir, Cambridge»
St Edmundsbury Cathedral Choir»
Blackburn Cathedral Choir»
The Esterhazy Singers»
The London Fox Taize Choir»
Voce Chamber Choir»
The Chapel Choir Of University College, Durham»
Charter Choir of Homerton College, Cambridge»
The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford»
Fairhaven Singers»
Truro Cathedral Choir»
Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum»
Winchester Cathedral Choir»
The Bach Choir»
The Choir Of Westminster Abbey»
Sidney Sussex College Choir, Cambridge»
CBSO Chorus»
Joyful Company Of Singers»
Bristol Bach Choir»
Voces Sacrae»
National Youth Chamber Choir of Great Britain»
Cambridge University Chamber Choir»
Hertfordshire Chorus»
Halifax Choral Society»
Bel Canto Chamber Singers & Hal Sheeler»
City Of London Choir»
OSJ Voices»
Christ Church Cathedral Choir»
Oxford Camerata»
Guildford Cathedral Choir»
The Choir of Christ's College, Cambridge»
Choir of The King's School»
Ambrosian Singers»
Belfast Cathedral Choir»
John Alldis Choir»
Manchester Chamber Choir»
Birmingham Conservatoire Chamber Choir»
London Oratory School Schola»
Choir of the 21st Century»
The Coventry Singers»
Westminster Cathedral Choir»
London Community Gospel Choir»
The Arcadian Singers»
The London Chorus»
Crouch End Festival Chorus»
Ora Singers»
Chichester Cathedral Choir»
The Choir of the London Oratory»
Hereford Cathedral Choir»
The Holst Singers»
Choir of King's College, Cambridge»
Gloucester Cathedral Choir»
Royal Choral Society»
The Choir of The Queen's College Oxford»
Exeter Cathedral Choir»
Huddersfield Choral Society»
London Symphony Chorus»
Temple Church Choir»
Finzi Singers»
Oxford Schola Cantorum»
Pro Cantione Antiqua»
The English Concert»
City of Birmingham Symphony Chorus»
Tonus Peregrinus»
The Tallis Scholars»
BBC Symphony Chorus»
The Games Maker Choir»
Choir of Merton College, Oxford»
The Choir Of Selwyn College, Cambridge»
Chapelle du Roi»
London Gay Men's Chorus»
National Youth Choir Of Great Britain»
Tewkesbury Abbey Choir»
Finchley Children's Music Group»
Manchester Cathedral Choir»
The Cambridge Singers»
The Enchanted Voices»
BBC Singers»
Rodolfus Choir»
Choir of St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh»
Cambridge Chorale»
Choir of Keble College, Oxford»
Southwark Cathedral Choir»
St. Michael's Singers»
The Collegiate Singers»
Tenebrae Consort»
Lichfield Cathedral Choir»
Corydon Singers»
The Monteverdi Choir»
Choir Of All Saints Margaret Street London»
York Minster Choir»
Metro Voices»
St. Albans Cathedral Choir»
The Ebor Singers»
The Choir of St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle»
Liverpool Cathedral Choir»
Cor Meibion Gwalia/Gwalia Male Choir»
Britten Singers»
Portsmouth Cathedral Choir»
The Sixteen»
The Church Of Leeds Parish Choir»
Morley College Choir»
Waynflete Singers»
The Clerks of Christ Church»
St.Chad's Cathedral»
Norwich Cathedral Choir»
Peterborough Cathedral Choir»
Vasari Singers»
russian choir»
british choir»
australian choir»
anglican liturgy»
gregorian chant»
orthodox chant»
chamber choir»
swedish choir»
cambridge choir»
oxford choir»
contemporary choir»
american choir»
finnish choir»
baltic choir»
early music choir»
university choir»
canadian choir»
cathedral choir»
franco-flemish school»
kuduro antigo»
diva house»
ragga jungle»
speed garage»
melbourne bounce international»
bass house»
vocal house»
uk garage»
funky breaks»
fidget house»
disco house»
hip house»
hard bass»
garage house»
italo dance»
@EveryNoise ·  glenn mcdonald
Every Noise at Once is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 5,002 genre-shaped distinctions by Spotify as of 2020-10-22. The calibration is fuzzy, but in general down is more organic, up is more mechanical and electric; left is denser and more atmospheric, right is spikier and bouncier.
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